Let sun、moon、stars integrate in this space, experience the time of memory. The ground is out like a light;galloping on the desert grassland and lying in the yurt at starry night, the sun rises again from the east.

The exterior design is the image of Mongolianyurts, the Chinese translation of Mongolianyurts is Meng Gu Bao, and the“ Bao ”means home and house. Even you are in the city, you can also have the experience of dining in the desert grassland. People will be amazed by the symbolic art piece of a canopy of Mongolian yurt when they take the first step on the Mongolian Hot Pot. The circular lines are shaped like a canopy to make the customers feel like they are in the yurt.

The image of the sunrise above the restaurant radiate and extend the lines, and the lines also signify the warmth and light to the nomads, a beautiful start of the vitality day.
The color blocks which come with the following lines on the wall is using the five symbolic colors of the beliefs of the frontier ethnic groups, and the application of these colors shows the customers for enthusiasm and heroism of the Mongolian nation.

In the space, the element of the sun and the moon is consistent with each other, also create a space for dialogue between the sun and the moon. Surrounded by the sun, moon and stars, the light of canopy, the image of the grassland, the night of desert are all in this space, as the customers are in the grassland under the starry night, giving a unique experience for customers and taking the delicious food to the next level.