eGolf Nextlinks Arena is a new golf concept that unites sports and entertainment under one roof. It is a functional building full of leisure activities to enjoy with the family, with an iconic avant-garde image that inspires to play the sport with the latest in technology, and all based on the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Sports & recreation arena with a forward-thinking vision, where traditional game meets technology, focused on fun & entertainment. Made for young and old, for beginners and experts and for all those who want to have an excellent time involved in the world of golf. The design is conceived as an organic atmosphere, where the spaces flow with natural curves integrating continuously, turning every space into a social experience.

The arena is conceived as a disruptive game changer experience, enjoying the amazing atmosphere while playing, making you feel like a pro at the center of the action, combining lights and technology as a part of an incredible experience. The software and technology were designed to integrate golf simulator play for the long game to form a real-world laser-guided short-game experience. Virtual games and hitting bays complement the technological experience, taking the sport we love to another level. The playing atrium is designed in a disruptive way, combining a double-height space, RGB LED lasers, a topography and playing field grass according to the standards of the game. A space where in addition to feeling the quality of the game and technology, it allows you to have a good time with friends and family while you enjoy yourself, even spending quality time in the fire pit space. This extraordinary technology is protected with a US patent. The technology entertainment component is exclusive and proprietary.

The building's concept is inspired by the most recognized shape of the game: the golf ball. The round-shaped design welcomes all activities between its 2 floors and its double-height spaces, generating a unique experience that combines sport, technology, leisure and entertainment, learning, human connection, as well as gastronomy. The entrance gives you a spectacular welcoming, while the front desk makes you feel at home, the sports bar is located in a central strategic place, visible from any view so that you can enjoy a welcome drink in connection with everything space. The gastronomy space allows you to enjoy a variety of food experiences for all tastes, making a quiet but always in the same environment, giving you the feeling of playing while you eat. The private spaces are designed in the form of comfortable and pleasant amenities, and the lounge balconies are the perfect space to see and be seen. The use of nature is fundamental in the design, generating an indoor park venue that gives life to the environment.

eGolf Arena is the next generation in-stadium golf concept where friends and family will be able to not only hit all types of shots but also experience the joys and challenges of the short game and putting on championship-style golf designed greens

An avant-garde and eco-friendly design, based on sustainability, the use of natural resources and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The use of photovoltaic panels on the roof, take advantage of solar energy to create clean energy, the openings of the building generate natural cross ventilation and the roof´s design, takes advantage of rainwater for its capture. The use of vegetation is fundamental in the design creating a microclimate that improves comfort and clean air.


Building Type: Sport facility/In-door golf venue
Location: La Quinta, California, US
Stories: 2
Structure: Steel

Architecture & Interior Design: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Game Concept & Technology: Dave Shultz / NextLinks
Golf Course Design: Pizá Golf