The Mustafa V. Koç Sports Hall, dedicated to the late Mustafa Vehbi Koç, is located in the Tofaş Automotive Factory Complex that sits along Yalova Road in Bursa. While the Mustafa V. Koç Sports Hall is the headquarters and training facility for the TOFAŞ Sports Club, the sports hall also provides a fitness facility for the employees of the factory.
The overall configuration of the Sports Hall is comprised of two main volumes which are connected through a smaller lobby. These volumes are then wrapped with low rise offices and service facility that are covered with pressed brick. With the continuation of the pressed brick material in the ground coverage, a holistic sense and visual continuity is achieved throughout the project. The two volumes are elevated off the ground with shallow pools encircling the front façades of the buildings. The reflective surface of the pools creates visual depth while aiding in the elevated effect.
The two main volumes are covered in a white shell, which take reference from the existing factory buildings, with the front colored façades angled to face the direction of approach to the site. The larger volume with the orange colored façade, contains three basketball courts and sits closer to the road with an effort to bring it to the forefront.
The smaller volume with the green colored façade, contains the fitness and supporting spaces of the facility, while sitting further back and creating a sort of entrance inlet/outdoor space. These colored glass façades change tone with the sunlight throughout the day, creating an animated and dynamic façade.



The 5.800 sqm Sports Complex is composed of six main parts, which include a sports hall, a fitness center, a foyer, locker rooms, a rehabilitation area and offices. While the three basketball courts, which consists of 2.600 sqm, can be separated with curtains, they can also be used for volleyball, table tennis, and other sports when needed.

Kerem Yazgan
Begum Yazgan

Mustafa Vehbi Koç Sports Hall by Yazgan Design Architecture in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 26. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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