“House”, in the contemporary city, in the din of closely-knit apartment
buildings and in the grimace of distantly arranged villas, has been reduced to
the status of a mere suffix. We converted the land of the “One-None-Stone” Project
into a house to bring the suffix to the fore in order to turn the architectural
tale into a narrative of space. The opened inner space, light and continuity
became the pivot of the narrative and the plastic characters of matter and
material found their way into the dynamic of space.

The stairway became the protagonist of the narrative, and the courtyard its
beloved. The beloved fled upwards, and the step, brick by brick cut through
spaces to finally fling itself into its beloveds lap. Path joins to edge, edge
to mass, mass to void and void to threshold so that the “House” could shout its
story from part to whole. Cut bricks, open and closed holes, wind towers-like chamfered
roof, sky-facing unoverlooked balconies,
continuous internal and external voids, and the space of the basement garden, all
these create the story of the One-None-Stone house.

The Seljuki architects of Soltaniyeh dome had freed the brick from the oppression of
design, a masterpiece architecture near the One-None-Stone house that did not become stoneless due
to lack of stones. Freed from design, the house ran to embrace the brick, pure
and simple. We are not the real narrators of the story; the One-None-Stone itself
found its way into our minds and that of our employer and started whispering
gently in our ears thereafter.

The contemporary city, seething with noise, leaves no room for gentle whispers, but
its still the whisper that turns city into house.



Architect’ Firm: TAO Office(Transformative Architecture Office)
Lead Architects: Hamid Naserkhaki-Banafsheh Darvish
Project location: No 2, 1 St Golrizan, Khanghah Alley, Western Navab St, Southern Taleqani St, Abhar,Iran
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 940 sqm
Photo credits:Masih Mostajeran(Deed Studio)

Design Team: Sina Mostafavi-Niyousha Zaribaaf-Mohsen Nouri-Ali Tabatabei
Detail Design:Tao Office
Structure:Pedram Zarpaak
Construction Director:Hamid Naserkhaki
Client:Sabineh Nazari-Reza Arablou
Manufacturers:TAO Office
Graphic: Sepehr Omidvaar

Mechanical: Mojtaba Moayerinezhad
Electrical: Mojtaba Moayerinezhad


Masih Mostajeran