Ayurveda and Architecture are not completely different domains in the analogy of impacts on human minds and dealing with the wholistic welfare of the being. Ayurveda, a traditional science, believes that wellness of human beings lies in the delicate balance of the mind, body and spirit. The methods of treatments in Ayurveda establishes a strong connection with nature, its elements and senses. This project attempts to explore the scope of architecture in creating spaces that enhance and influence the process of healing the mind, body and soul. As per Ayurveda’s text book: All activities are meant for the happiness of all living beings. Such happiness is based on Dharma (Righteousness). If translated architecturally, it means consciousness, appropriateness or contextuality. Located in InamKiliyur village near Kumbakonam, a temple town in Tamilnadu, the site is surrounded by dense vegetation and a variety of animal life and lies in close proximity to river Cauvery. The site extends to 1.2 acres and lush canal passes through that. There were few on-site features like trees, were retained. The plethora of existing cultural landscapes and the rich spatial narratives of the vernacular typologies of the fertile Cauvery delta region were the first insights towards the design. The inherent slowness and the lush lay of the land abundantly blessed by nature were added bonuses. The articulation and architectural Grammer at Anjaneyam is born out of a tool kit of associational elements and experiential aspects and materiality born out of the land. A sense of familiarity and belonging is created at the very first sight reflecting traditional architectural elements of the region in humane scale. The warm and cozy built space, and the vibrance of nature brought in through the wide courtyard, brings about the right balance of openness and closeness, light and dark, reminiscing our own familiar houses.



Project Name: Sri Anjaneyam Ayurveda Vaidyasala
Type of Project: Health-care
Location of the Project: Inamkiliyur, Thanjavur (Dt.), Tamil Nadu (State), India (Country)
Status of the Project: Built
Year of Completion: April 2022
Site Area: 40000 Sq.Ft
Total Built-up Area: 10000 Sq.Ft

Project Team: Ar.Balaji Rajasekaran, Er.Murugaraj K, Ar.Durai Rajan R, Ar.Keerthana Arun, Ar.Deepthi JBM, Er.Saravana G, Er.Vinoth Kanna M and Er.Prithviraj D;

Sri Anjaneyam Ayurveda Vaidyasala by B Rajasekaran in India won the WA Award Cycle 44. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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