Lugano is a city in southern Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano, close to the Italian border. The project venue is located on the Lugano lake, in front of the city of Lugano.
The island typology, which is the natural state of the settlement on the water, was designed by the coming together of 3 different islands in the landscape. With the outermost running track, 3 islands have been designed where all the inhabitants of the city can do sports, and different activities can be done in the other 2 island blocks that are separated from this running track. The designed area has been raised differently from each other at 6 different points. 6 different elevations referring to the Alpine mountains and the vertically rising mountains in the surrounding make the project not a flat area, but an area that relates to its surroundings and the topography it is in.
Gradually ascending triangular jumping points have been designed for swimming in the Lugano lake in the separated part of the 2 islands in the interior. On one side of the two islands, a cafe and a pavilion space has been designed, and on the other side, a spa area consisting of Switzerland's famous spring waters has been designed.
The building in the form of a staircase rising on the land is a viewing platform that offers a view to the surrounding points. In the structure on the opposite side and rising with curved lines, there is a flower garden formed in the flowers of the Swiss mountains.
It is possible to reach the floating parking area by the pedestrian road connecting the land, as well as the pier areas around the jogging track can be reached sideways, with motorboats and boats .


Floating Steel Structure

Selim Senin
Bilgehan Küçükkuzucu
Dicle Yildirim
Mehmet Bikec
Alev Doru
Zeynep Yilmaz
Beyza Kinsiz


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