Darband Green Tower
Situation: under design process
Year of completion: 2025

Darband ( Dindar ) Green Tower (DGT) is designed in a space of 1000 square meters with residential use (commercial-residential). With a new concept at the modern architectural structure of the world, the emphasis on the existence of a new monument in the region of Darbadn, tehran, a balanced relationship with sustainable architecture (and in approach of green architecture), coexistence with the desired context and the needs of the clients, the DGT was formed.
This project is a simple and concise definition for creating a residential green tower, which is designed to raise the quality of living in a tower, located on a sloping ground and at hillside of Damavand.
Challenges and obstacles of design consists of a wide view and trees on each level that leads to a three-dimensional and parametric complex. Creating enough space between surfaces for trees to grow while having natural light in apartments, private areas to restrict visibility between the levels,and creating gardens without additional levels on the floors.

Parking storage installations sport

Entrance and first lubby

First park
Park café and restaurant second lubby

Amphi theatre garden sidewalk

First to fifth residential floor

Second park
Japanese theme park

6th, 7th and 8th residential floor

Third park
Italian theme park

9th and 10th residential floor

4th park
Desert theme park

11th and 12th residential floor

5th park
Yardgarden ( roofgarden )
French theme park sidewalk café and restaurant
Separately elevator for theme parks


Darband Tower: futuristic towers for urban biodiversity

Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk the world faces today, with outdoor pollution linked to 3 million deaths every year. Green designers and eco engineers Worldwide try to stop it with all kinds of air-purifying solutions. One of these creatives is the architect Mehraz Ffrahani, who has designed Darband Tower, futuristic towers to soak up urban air pollution, boost biodiversity and produce clean oxygen.

We all can continue to have dreams about sustainability and a healthier urban living in the megacities of today, while not having to change a single pattern of our consumer-driven experience. As consequence, green Designers all over the World are racing to come up with air-purifying solutions, such as eco-bikes or impressive green-houses.

Zahra Dindar - Architect Designer


Mehraz FFrahani