- Introduction:
Alexandria is famous for its architectural history, which carries historical values. Therefore, within the framework of the (Save Alexandria) initiative, which was established in 2012, the trend towards reusing heritage buildings has become desirable, and among these buildings is the Monferrato agency.

This project, based on the cultural and social value of the building, supports the Alexandrian youth who always try to create opportunities from within their community. On the other hand, underground bands have used the building of the Monferrato Agency as an attempt to spread out due to the lack of artistic venues that support these groups. Accordingly, this project aims to reuse the building to supports the local art especially, underground bands in various arts such as performance arts, theatre, graffiti and singing, by providing spaces for performance, training and artwork production with the possibility of communicating with the community to achieve spread and reduce unorganized performances that lead to legal violations.

The design focuses on preserving the architectural character of the building and integrating it with the design to produce different layers that express the intellectual sequence to reach the underground bands.

Project Concept: Innovation multi-layer design solution to show the culture layer of the building based on culture schema theory.

Location: Ahmed Orabi Square Mansheya in the center of Alexandria
Built Date: 1887
Statement of Significance: Historical Value, Cultural Value, Social Value


-Ground floor include:
1- gathering space (cafes, performance space)
2-Musical Exhibition
3- Retails shops
- Second floor:
Co-working spaces.

The project designed and presented by: Seba Fayez abu-raya
-Faculty of Arts & Design - Interior Department - MSA University -

Under the supervision of:
Assoc. Prof. Hoda Madkor
Assoc. Prof. Doaa Shehata
Assoc. Prof. Karam Abdullah
Prof. Dr. Khaled Hawas
Prof. Dr. Ola Hashem
Prof. Dr. Rasha Elzieny
AL. Sarah Noaman
TA. Rawan Ashraf
TA. Merihane El-Jebari


Seba Fayez

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