The client approached us with the willingness to design a jewellery boutique at one of the prime locations in Ahmedabad, named CG Road. This 1500 sq. ft. carpet area boutique store is designed to be serene, with neutral white walls and minimal texture added by veneering furniture.

The main aim of the design was to amalgamate creativity, functionality, and practicality to provide a completely immersive experience to the client and the customers. It was to be kept in mind that the design should not only be trendy and refreshing but also maintain a certain degree of the classic timelessness the brand stood for.

The curved arches for showcasing the jewellery and the soft, irregular shape of the curved fluted panels below the counter add a luxurious look to the showroom. The backdrop is designed with a combination of arched mirrors to give the space a more spacious feel.

The wall of the reception area is decorated with a combination of stone veneers and wooden fluted panels.

The director's cabin is minimalistic, with shades of orange and beige to reflect the client's persona. The back-painted yellow glass behind the director brightens the room. Moreover, keeping in mind the security of the expensive items, a private space is provided with a camouflaged door.

Pleasing Interiors is all about the right proportions of material and textures along with balancing client’s requirements & an effective program. Overall, this jewellery boutique design communicates a strong brand presence while enabling a pleasurable shopping experience for customers.



Combining Aesthetic, Technical & functional aspects, this Jewellery Boutique Design becomes a perfect Retail Store that represents every space individually but gives a perfect ambiance as a whole.

Ar. Harikrushna Pattani,
Ar. Hemang Mistry,
Ar. Ashish Rathod,
Ar. Vasavi Mehta,
Ar. Nidhi Patel,
Ar. Nensi Patel.


Inclined Studio