To build a romantic coastline for lovers, with the strong support of Zhuhai Municipal Government, Zhengfang Group added a landscape plank road extending to the sea on the basis of the original plank road of Haitian Posthouse. The landscape plank road is located at the junction of Phoenix Bay and Xianglu Bay. It is 375 meters long, 6 meters to 13.35 meters wide, and runs from east to west. It extends to Zhouzi Island on the basis of the original Haitian Posthouse plank road. As Zhouzai Island is an uninhabited island located 250 meters east of Haitian Posthouse, it is less than 5000 square meters above the sea surface at low tide. In order to protect the ecological function of the original shoreline, Haitian Plank Road is not connected to the island. Visitors can view Zhouzi Island from the boardwalk to broaden their view of the landscape. The new sea friendly space and rich
landscape layers fully reflect the romantic coastal characteristics of Zhuhai.

The landscape trestle road extends to the direction of Zhouzai Island in the shape of "Z". The upper part of the trestle road is a cast-in-place beam structure with high torsional rigidity, strong spanning capacity and high safety factor, and the lower part is a solid column pier with good mechanical performance, which can effectively resist typhoons and waves. The overall structure is light and beautiful, echoing the surrounding landscape.

Surrounded by the bay, citizens and tourists stop at the landscape plank road to view the mountain, the city and the sea 360 degrees in the center of the plank road, and have a panoramic view of the Haitian Posthouse, Haitian Park, Xiangshan Cloud Road, Zhuhai Planning Exhibition Hall, Zhuhai Opera House, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other landscape landmarks.



Project area: 2778square meters,
375 meters long and 6 meters - 13.35 meters wide,

Chief designer: He Fan
participating designers: Ma Cheng, Huang Zheng, Wu Enrong, Cheng Wei

Haitian Rest Station Landscape Plank Road by Fan He in China won the WA Award Cycle 44. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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