Graduation project for year 2019

Darb 1718 is a contemporary Arts & Culture hub based in Old Cairo’s Fostat area in Cairo, Egypt. Consists of 3 buildings; Administrative, Artist residency and Main building. The selected zones are one from each building, 1st space: Waiting area and Cafeteria, 2nd space: Artist residencies, 3rd space: Exhibition area.
The project scale is made for both national and international artists to both exhibit, attend and stay in the residencies that Darb 1718 offers.

Art and Culture are vital assets that form our lifestyle every day. Art is captured in many ways,
from art productions and clothing to decorating interior design as well; residentially and
commercially. Today people recognize the significance of art and culture in our lives and Art
and Culture Hubs started developing all around the world. Arts and Cultural Hubs are entities
that combine different venues that help express art and culture through various ways; such as,
cinemas, theatres, workshops, exhibitions, etc. Egypt is one of the most popular countries when
it comes to culture and art, it is also full of hubs supporting this trend. In these Arts and Cultural
Hubs people experience diversity of arts and cultures; different kinds of art, mediums and
expressions and different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world. The past and the
present are clear pillars of the hub’s design in the examples of existing hubs today; the challenge
is the emergence of the future with them. Using those 3 lenses in the design of the hub can
improve the innovative and interactive techniques within; along with the relation between time
and space, together with the location identity and the place’s personality. Arts and Cultural
Hubs have a huge impact on society, therefore it is important to have them appeal and offer
extraordinary experiences.



Area of - 1st building= 336 sq. m. - 2nd building= 640 sq. m. - 3rd building 387 sq. m.
Each building consists of ground, first and a roof floors.

Designer: Hana Ahmed Assem El-Etr
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Rasha El Zeiny, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Ezzat, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoda Gad El-Rab, and Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim


Hana El-Etr

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