Heritage is a concept that is often talked about regarding the necessity of its preservation and that it is importance. Scientists who study heritage, and one of them, David Harvey, reveals how important and powerful the concept of heritage is at its core by not considering heritage so simply.
Heritage is a word that comes first to mind about society or people, individual is mostly kept in the background. However, heritage comes out of the person and turns into that concerns societies. All the thoughts, ideas, and actions of each person are the things that create heritage. People keep their heritage alive with them in their lives. Keeping heritage alive lies in people's thoughts. Therefore, individual heritage is important in terms of heritage.
In the past and now, the influence of people has been seen all over Izmir. People have influenced Izmir with their ideas -their heritage- in the problems of Izmir. This influence of people is easily visible in history and now in the following events: People opposed the construction of the highway, so there is now a Kordon, which is one of the most important places in Izmir. Inciraltı Kent Forest which is very valuable wanted to be cut down, but it continues to exist because people are against it. When the statue of Atatürk in Karsiyaka is requested to be changed, the artist emphasized the importance of people having a say by saying that it should be asked of the people of Izmir and not of him. There are still many reactions to the demolition of the Izmir City Hall.
Izmir is one of the first cities that comes to mind when the ability to express ideas freely and freedom of thought is considered. It is the greatest value for Izmir. Along with the continuation of the heritage of individuals, the heritage of Izmir has continued. Although there are places where this heritage continues all over Izmir, Alsancak, and Konak are among the most vocal places of this heritage, as in the historical process and now.
Kulturpark, located between Alsancak and Konak, was established to connect the state with other states at the time and has been continuing as an area representing the libertarian mindset and independence of the people of Izmir along with the historical process. It attracts attention with its wide greenery in the middle of concrete buildings and is an area that can make its voice heard all over Izmir. Kulturpark is almost a gateway to all parts of Izmir. Kulturpark, which has been able to become a symbol of freedom of thought, has a good potential to host a place where people in Izmir can share their voices and thoughts and talk about problems.
When all of these are considered, Notion Forum is aimed to be a place where people can have a say on Izmir's problems, announce their words, share, discuss them with others, record them for the future, and find old thoughts of other people.
In order not to disturb the natural and green texture of Kulturpark and to be a structure that comes from Kulturpark's libertarian mindset, a mass that goes underground instead of rising was targeted. In this way, people can understand that they are the heritage.
Elevation differences were created in the mass to place architectural programs and create semi-open, closed areas. In addition, it is aimed to strengthen the thinking space by placing architectural programs between 2 main platforms where ideas are shared.
The main 2 platforms that enable the sharing of thoughts, which are the main idea of the building, were created thanks to the amps. The purpose of the amps is to both offer people more sharing space and to create vertical circulation inside and outside the building.
By not making the amps completely solid ground, it was ensured that the soil and green outside the area continued to flow into the building thanks to the amps, and this building was transformed into a structure that came out of Kulturpark and showed that it belongs to Kulturpark.
It is aimed to create a space that invites people and where they can share by spreading the amps all over the area.


The thought areas -architectural programs- were placed between the 2 main platforms by taking power from the soil of Kulturpark, which houses the freedom of thought, while circulation between them is provided by the amps that flow the environment into the building.
Area: 5640 square meters
Location: Izmir/Turkey

Designer: Berk Kandemir
Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebru Yılmaz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ülkü İnceköse

Notion Forum by Berk Kandemir in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 45. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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