Jereed Crafts Complex Center is aiming to utilize palm midribs in interior design and product design indusrty since it is an egyptian local material that people dont know much about and its properties , jereed is also aiming to revive handcrafts made from wicker and palm midribs, in addition to developing and reviving El-Bahriya Oasis since it has a huge number of palm trees and craft workes who suffers from lack of proper work stations to work at and a tremendous bachground history but people dont know much about it using their building type and materials and the center is designed in a modernized vernacular Design. Designing in modernized vernacular to compete modern days also to maintain the culture background

1- sharing awarness about palm midribs and its properties in design industy
2- offering propper work station for craft workers
3- reviving palm and wicker crafts
4- devloping el-Bahriya oasis and revivng its history ( building type and materials)
5- using local materials from location

Materials (all sustainable) :
- palm midribs wood panels
- concrete
- mud bricks
- clay finishes
- wicker
to match the culture and the location and deisgn approach ( modernized vernacular)

Jereed is designed by applying the following SDGS:
- no.12 : Responsible consumption and production
- no11: Sustainble cities and communities

Zones :
zone 1: traditioanl workshops (offering proper workstations sperated in two parts fisrt for visitors ,second for workers)
zone2: pavilion (outdoor to show palm propeties)
zone 3: Exhibition (showing el-bahria oasis and palm midribs history)
Modern University of Modern Science & Arts (MSA).

Designed : 2022 (graduation Project)



- The project is powerd by solar panels and kientic paving to provie electricity
- Natual ventilation and lighting ( openings and skylights)
- glass windows and doors are shaded automaticaly in sun to provide cool space
- local and sustainable materials from surrounded location to reflect culture and history

Software Used:

Designed By: Ziad Ayman Mahmoud

Supervised by: Professor Dr. Ahmed Abdelhalim - Professor Dr. Dalia Ezzat - Professor Dr. Hoda Madkour - Professor Dr. Ola Hashem - Professor Dr. Rasha El Zeiny - Lecturer Assistant Ghada Ammar.


Ziad Aly

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