İstanbul has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present. The oldest layers of Istanbul's history have been reached with the remains of Theodosius Harbour, which were unearthed during the Marmaray (metro) excavations in the Historical Peninsula, and it is seen that these layers increase as the excavations continue.
In other words, there is a hidden world waiting to be discovered under the ground.
The project aims to transform the fortification trail into a social canyon, taking into account the existing fortification remains and traces. It proposes the transparent exhibition towers rising from the canyon and the closed museum space that hangs on the towers with which these towers interact.
The design stages are as follows:
The fortification trail foreseen by the archaeologists passes through the project area.
In addition, there is an archeological site of 100 Islands in the project area.
The road in the north-east of the area is located in the Historic Peninsula.
It is an axis that reaches structures and activities.
With reference to the wall trace in the area, a social “CANYON” was designed that follows the trail and lives on an underground level. This canyon takes people from the history-culture axis, the canyon is accessed from the -4 level of the metro and takes them to the archaeological site of 100 Ada. The exhibition towers, which are a transparent “SPACE” that can be seen from the outside, were placed, rising from the inside of the canyon. These exhibition towers were positioned with the surrounding road axes in mind. On the (-) elevation, completely social, that is, open to the public, spaces were constructed.
A lattice of closed - semi-closed - open spaces was designed to be "HANGING" to the exhibition towers, which are attached to transparent exhibition towers, communicate with the exhibition towers in every space, and whose feet do not touch the ground.


The exhibition towers rising from the social canyon protecting the traces of the city walls and the spaces suspended on the towers and the landscape texture integrated with its surroundings are designed.

Location: İstanbul / Yenikapı / Turkey

Designer : Burcu Deniz
Instructor: Can Gündüz, Mert Velipaşaoğlu, Gizem Yazıcı, Özüm Dülgeroğlu


Burcu Deniz

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