Mind sports are games such as chess, puzzles, mazes; the project is a center combining all mind sports and games to help the youth develop cognitive skills with the help of neuroscience and its relation to interior design. The aim is to use the elements of neuroscience and the understanding of the human brain in order to create a space and atmosphere that would enhance and stimulate the visitor’s thinking and experience.
"Mazes of the mind", a philosophy of neuroscience is the main concept of the project. It represents brain networks, which are connections of different regions of the brain responsible of human cognitive skills and behavior. Concept is applied through using different shapes and lines of these networks to create dynamic forms with game like themes for each zone to enhance player experience. Concept is also applied through zone distribution as the building is divided into two parts, right side containing all physical and recreational activities such as climbing gym and maze representing creative functions of the brain and left side containing mind sports such as chess zones and library representing logical function of the brain, along with a centre reception open to all two floors of the building representing the central membrane with a bridge connecting both sides of the building running across the first floor.
Other Zones: Admission, post-maze reception, children area, board games, competition hall, cafeteria.
Chosen Zones: Reception, Climbing Gym, Maze.


The building has skeleton structure with flat slabs, made of limestone and concrete. Bridge connecting both sides of the building is made of tempered glass and steel support. The central reception is an open skylight showcasing all building floors and the bridge. Plans and cross-sections with technical detailing is provided in the project.

Designed by: Nourhan Kamel Saleh Ateia
Supervised by: Professor Dr. Rasha El Zeiny, Professor Dr. Hoda Madkour, Professor Dr. Dalia Ezzat, Professor Dr. Ola Hashem, Professor Dr. Ahmed Abdelhalim, and Lecturer Assistant Rasha El Shiaty.

"Game-in" Mind Sports Centre by Nourhan Kamel in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 42. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Nourhan Kamel