DEGW’s project is part of a process Microsoft Italia has been undertaking for years in the name of a “New World of Work”, an approach to the dynamics of work that involves greater staff flexibility in terms of smart working and the use of functional and technologically innovative spaces to maximise cooperation. Well-being and the reconciling of personal and professional requirements are the linchpin around which time management and this new way of working revolve, making flexibility an important means of hitting targets.
During this process Microsoft Italia Microsoft chose DEGW, which has designed interiors in which corporate values come together with new ways of interacting and working to create innovative, functional, experiential work settings. New ways of envisaging workspaces represent a different method of working.
Smart working is a process of development and innovation that allows corporate organisation to evolve and reveals hidden stores of enthusiasm and energy through a dynamic and cooperative workplace.



Location: Viale Pasubio 17, 20154 Milan
Overall area: 8.600 sq.m.
Typology: Offices
DEGW: Space planning, interior design, upgrading of
plant-engineering, change management
FUD Brand Making Factory: Communication Design
& Physical Branding

Client: Microsoft Italia
Client Leader: Alessandro Adamo – DEGW
Senior Architect: Giuseppe Pepe – DEGW
Cristiana Boienti – DEGW


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