The 3s FIRUZE HOUSING SALES OFFICE, is located in the Avcılar district of Istanbul. The land is in an industrial area that has lost its use over time. Previously it was a combination of independent workshops and small industrial plants. The steel gable roof structural formation has become a source of great inspiration for the construction process. This design strategy leaves traces of industrialism throughout the building's mass, interior, and facade that was imbedded in the memory of the region.

The high ceiling part of the gable roof structure has a sales office and exhibition hall. The back part where the terrace roof is has two mockup apartments and service spaces. In the design of the exhibition hall, an interior design in an industrial style was created using epoxy in the floor, steel structure and OSB in roof and walls, and natural wood in office platforms. On the facade, a metal shell was created to provide solar control of the building. The vertical mass of glass and steel is designed as a viewing platform for incoming customers to see the landscape around them. The terrace underneath the house is planned as a recreational courtyard where the guests can relax outside.



Site Area: 2000 sq.m
Building Area: 850 sq.m
Structure: Steel
Client: 3S Kale Gayrimenkul
Photo By: Alp Eren - Altkat Photography

Design: Eser Ergün, Zeynep Akpamuk
Interior Design: Zeynep Ergün, Gizem Arslaner, Meltem Uysal



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