Experience + is designed for architecture students to fully experience architecture. It is aimed that students will be able to experience different and unexpected encounters by colliding indoor studios and bringing non-students together on a common ground. It is thought that students learn by building and building architecture. Open terraces are left for this. An added bonus will be that both students have experience and have built places to spend time at school. It is aimed to bring together the concepts of art, architecture and craft in this architecture school. Masters who will cooperate with students and prepare them for professional life will take place in the school. The school will cease to be a closed system and will establish a strong connection with the city. This extroverted school will find solutions that will also contribute to student accommodation and make life easier. Units that are parasitic with the front façade are designed and built by students, so students contribute to the school and learn by doing. During the construction phase, students witness detailed solutions and problems. The façade was opened to students' use and it is intended to become a living façade. Various materials can be used and glued to the facade. The spaces that architecture students use in their daily life add dynamism to the facade. At the same time, this mobility at the front becomes interesting for the people outside and the building begins to connect with the city. Connecting with the city in many ways, this structure takes its place in the city's production network.



Area: Istanbul / Sisli
Year: 2020

Dilara Tekin


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