"We make living by what we get, we make life by what we give."
We build every part of our life on sharing. We are already sharing our cities as well- streets, squares, parks, and infrastructure, even bikes, cars, and most recently cabs. We easily share information and knowledge through social networks. Sharing resources mean sharing responsibility but also sharing quality of life. Especially, the new generation, that is, the digital natives is doing often: Sharing.
Why not expand the sharing attitude fostered by the idea of providing the city-owned spaces to the architectural scale?
The process of desire to share is start with attract attention. The activities and openness of the building create curiosity to people what is happening inside and encouraging people and support them to produce. The process is ended with the knowledge and skills are gained.
The design idea is that to redesign of the memory spaces of the city while this process is going on. The design problem is to create new open/closed spaces while preserving the existing building and spatial relationships that it presents with the existing buildings on the site and to create relationship between masses and open spaces along the Porsuk River. Designing a route in the site, from old bus station to old flour factory. The route is collected in the center and is spreaded through the masses with providing open spaces. Near the Porsuk River different function terraces that is integrated with closed spaces are added.



The project is located in Eskişehir. The site is approximately 46.568 m². It includes same abandoned buildings, commercial areas, and memory spaces; Eskişehir old bus station, Emek Hotel, Old Flour Factory. The memory spaces are protected and refunctioned and added new spaces. The designed area is about 10.000 m².

Çiğdem Simge ERGEZER


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