Bicentennial Building – Historical Centre of Lima

Conceived to be completed in the year 2021 - year of the bicentennial anniversary of the independence of Perú - the Bicentennial Building is located in the Historical Centre of Lima, on a singular lot with three fronts leading to different roads and where the historic San Luis building is located.

The proposal contemplates a multiple program of activities organized both in the San Luis building - to be remodeled - and in the new volume.

Thus, different cultural, business and commercial activities will enrich the urban life of the place.

The architectural proposal seeks at all times to reveal the interest in generating a positive urban impact, both volumetrically and in life experiences, public and private.

The Bicentennial Building seeks to become a building that will contemplate the block in which it is located, integrating the San Luis building as well as the rest of the neighboring buildings.

A proposal that seeks to align itself with the vision of a city that is being built little by little and where the past, present and future are integrated, forming a great urban unit.




Architecture: Artadi Architects
Structure: Jorge Indacochea
Electrical/Plumbing: JM Ingenieros

Design: Architect Javier Artadi
Drawing + Design assistants: Leandro lopez, Ana Lucia Manrique, Mauricio Alcalá, Rubi Rosadio, Luca Barracco, Cesar, Vilchez.


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