¬¬¬¬¬¬¬The garden in winter is full of beauties! However, we’d like you to appreciate it from a slightly peculiar perspective: amazing phenomenon are also happening underneath the ground we walk on! Our inspiration for this design originates from looking at how wildlife in the garden hibernate during the winter. Animals like chipmunks, earthworms and frogs reach their warm, cozy, intimated home by traveling through long circular passages they’ve tunneled beneath the garden’s ¬¬¬ground.
Our room offers a similar experience to the guests by guiding them to rest through a gradually descending circular pathway. The guests first encounter a diagonal staircase made in the thickness of the wall to help them get into the inside where the ground is elevated to 0,7m. As they cross the threshold, a tiny slit created by two curly high walls allows them to have a peek at the space hidden behind. Intrigued by what awaits them here, they turn left and follow the descending circular pathway that eventually leads them to an oval-shaped sunken bed and a modernized night table equipped with a natural ice cube music-speaker. As the circular pathway decreases in height, the circular ring suspended from the ceiling also becomes increasingly thick, echoing with the wall to create massiveness and intimacy. The ellipse on the ceiling that we contemplate when lying on the bed has the pattern of leaves, which creates a feeling of looking up from a space under ground. As they approach the space semi-enclosed by the circular wall, the strip of light embedded inside the wall first grows shorter and dimmer. When it gets near the bench, it gradually grows bigger again and finally ends until the circular wall stops. Given that the design is highly focused on the space underneath the garden, the pattern on the wall reminds of the roots that stretch in all directions. In brief, providing you with a sense of security and a better sleeping condition is our ultimate objective. Imagine yourself as one of the cute bunnies wandering around the garden and enjoy Hibernation!



Floor area: around 14m²