The atmosphere of the hotel feels like entering a quiet and peaceful oasis. The guests are welcomed with a long central water feature that mimics a mirage in a desert, with the reflection of a chandelier that looks like sand dune contours. Some geometric patterns on furniture, mosaic tiles and carpets make a subtle reference to the local identity and its natural forms and shapes.

The VIP café is characterized by its elegance through dark yet plush and rich materials such as deep blue and emerald green velvets, brass finishes, ambient lighting to create. The Lift Lobby and corridors have an “Arabian Zen” feeling with earthen hues and a calm sober feel. Vertical wooden battens at some specific locations such as the lift lobby entrance give a visual texture to the spaces.

The serviced apartments welcome the guests into a warm desert sunset of hues with rusty oranges and purples. The studio is separated by a wooden revolving television stand that separates the bedroom from the seating area.

The standard guestroom is characterized by the use of lines inspired from local plants. A Herringbone patterned wood panelling frames the bed and draws its inspiration from palm leaves. On the opposite wall, a blue accent mural wallpaper with allusions to palm tree leaves adds a modern artistic digital touch to the room. As a whole, the colours of the room are inspired from a desert dunes landscape with oranges and their complementary blue hues found in the sky, the vegetation and the wadis.



Program: Five Star Hotel