Mixed-use development in Dubai which combines a four-star hotel and serviced apartments comprising of studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms and three-bedroom apartment, as well as amenities, a gym and the cafeteria. A modern, contemporary design has been proposed to achieve an international feel to attract both local and foreign visitors staying in either the hotel or the apartments. To attain this, the interiors amalgamates state-of-the-art materials, finishing and fittings which, when combined, manage to accomplish a unique and luxurious ambience.

The lobby zone stands as a reference point for what guests will enjoy once they enter the rooms and apartments. A patterned marble flooring which seems to never end leads towards the reception desk, framed between two dark glass columns and cylindrical pendant lights which have a sculptural quality. The guest rooms replicate some of these features, like the lighting and the glass, adding touches of gold and a dimmer atmosphere to facilitate relaxation.

Other spaces like the living room favor spaciousness and interaction by integrating the kitchen in the living space which is filled with natural light, benefited by the use of neutral palettes in walls and furnishings. Common areas like the gym enjoy the views of downtown Dubai, as well as incorporating elements like acoustic panels in the ceiling shaped like flower petals. The concept for the interiors of Deyaar Tower expresses the potential and beauty materials have to create unique and mesmerizing environments without forgetting its practical applications.



Program: Four star hotel