Upgrade of an existing hotel into a boutique hotel located in Fontainebleau, 45 minutes away from the south of Paris. A complete restoration of the historical building was carried on, with some parts dating from the 17th century, maximizing original features like wooden beams to retain the historic charm of the place. The objective of the brief was to provide a contemporary and distinguished style to the hotel which hosts 20 rooms, 7 thematic suits as well as a Michelin Starred restaurant and a banquet hall.

The guest rooms and thematic suits have a restrained and timeless feel which enhance the idea of a romantic getaway. Original wood beams have been restored and shine as a natural addition to the bedrooms. Noble materials were used throughout. Wood has again a strong presence and together with a soft color palette manages to achieve a warm ambience. The choice of furniture is elegant, refined and contemporary. The bathrooms are also highly decorated and have a transparent and playful element. The restaurant highlights the restored, wooden elements, and lighting plays a key role in providing a luxurious setting for gourmet orientated guests and diners.

The forest of Les Pleiades also plays an inspirational role in the design and transforms Le Demeure du Parc into a timeless, nature-connected place. The introduction of natural materials like wood throughout spaces like the lobby, offer an elegant and relaxed welcome to the guests and manage to integrate the green lushness in the interior.



Location: Fontainebleau, France
Year: 2015
Status: Completed
Program: Boutique Hotel, Restaurant and Banquet Hall