Site Information :
1. The site is located in Alandi, Pune, Maharashtra, India; which is a religious town having a historical importance.
2. This particular site which has been selected is located along the banks of the River Indrayani, again of huge religious & historical importance.
3. Talking about the characteristics of the site, there is an existing series of built arcades, running parallel to the river. These are actively used by the locals as well as the pilgrims visiting this town during the duration of the festival.
4. Talking about the access for the site, there are two access points to the site :
a. From the main approach road on the West of the Site, which is from where the site will be having the most access by the pilgrims & visitors.
b. From the market area in the East of the Site.
5. Talking about the existing features on site, there is a ‘Samadhi‘ of a noted saint which has to be incorporated in the design.
6. There is no visible topographical features like contours, and the site is mostly flat.
7. There are no existing trees on the Site.

Design Program :
1. Snacks : 5 Food Stalls (12 Sq.m. each)
2. Exhibition space briefly telling the town‘s history.
3. Garden/Landscaped area.
4. Adequate Toilets.

Design Criteria :
1. While designing, an effort has been taken to design an arrival space which would address the ‘Samadhi‘ as the main focal point.
2. Provide a small exhibition space which would briefly tell the town‘s history.
3. A landscaped area which would help the Devotees as well as the Visitors coming there.
4. Last but not the least a few food stalls catering the visitors.



This was a 3rd year B.Arch. Academic Project.

Mr. Akshay K.