Nobook is an unconventional and innovative restaurant which wants to surprise customers with the creativity of its menu. To match this imaginative proposal, the interior design is based around an industrial aesthetic, exposing brick walls, graffities referencing Basquiat, open ventilation units and high ceilings. Bespoke furniture made out of recycled materials has been designed specifically to meet the uniqueness of the space.

The open kitchen, painted in a striking peach orange to match the team’s uniforms, stands out as the most spectacular element. For the cocktail bar, the use of metallic profiles creates an industrial forest. Overall, the space seeks to awake a feeling of surprise, of the unexpected and a feeling of curiosity which precedes the gastronomic proposal.

Adjacent to Nobook we find UMA, a second restaurant which belongs to the same owners. A radically different design concept has been applied, which appeals to a more intimate eatery. The dominance of soft colors transport the clients to the warmth of a classic flat of the Eixample of Barcelona, with stone and brick walls framing an elegant layout and an open kitchen with pure lines and white tones that celebrates a refined dining experience.

Also a place designed to cater private events, workshops and meetings, the intimate concept, living room-style decoration and open and white kitchen immerses clients into the versatility of the space.



Program: Restaurants