A unique project in its context, this house is located in a neighborhood of Pune that has abundant greenery. The apt use of natural elements in its creation ― such as water bodies, bridges, stone walls, and landscaped areas on all levels ― helps it merge seamlessly with its environs on the one hand while making it stand out on account of its architectural beauty.

This is home to a family of six. The brief for N.D.D.C. was a modest material template culminating into a residence that would be rich in spatial experience. Ample cross-ventilation, keeping in mind the occupants’ need for privacy, as well as flexibility in space change in accordance with family evolution were also an important consideration.

Therefore, the project was based on an H-shaped plan wherein all the spaces have three external walls, thus maintaining a nice “in” and “out” connection. The use of mirrors and reflective glass has lent itself to an optical illusion to maximize the landscaped areas, thus underscoring the feeling of being in the lap of nature.

Climate is a crucial factor in design and construction. Keeping this in mind, shading devices have been used here in the form of huge cantilevered slabs that give a sort of “hovering effect” while, at the same time, offer grounding to the building. Similarly, vertical screen facades have been devised as a barrier for the elements. Inside, the strategic use of triple-height atriums makes for ample stack effect and also helps in cross-ventilation.

In keeping with the predominantly “green” character of this project, an indirect evaporative cooling system has been installed extensively with a view to reducing the reliance on conventional air-conditioners.



Type : Residence
Status : Completed
Structure : R.C.C. Structure
Floors : Basement & (G + 2)
Built-Up Area : 21,000sq.ft.
Carpet Area : 18,000sq.ft.
Site Location : Pune, India.
Photography : Mr. Hemant Patil

Principal Architect : Ar. Niraj Doshi
Project Architect : Ar. Akshay Karanjkar
Team : Ar. Supriya Yadav & Id. Jagruti Gujar

List of Consultants :
1. Project Management Consultant : Madhav Limaye Group
2. Structural Consultant : G. A. Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
3. Landscape Consultant : Ravi & Varsha Gavandi Landscape Architects
4. Electrical Consultant : Vidyutsallagar
5. Plumbing Consultant : Unicorn Consultants
6. Water Bodies Consultant : Silver Pools
7. Automation Consultant : Moood Creation

The Hovering Gardens by Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy in India won the WA Award Cycle 34. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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