(google translation)
The idea is to have a platform that, like spring, entering the sea to convert tidal energy into electrical energy that allows buildings to be self sustainable. These platforms will serve as ports for the landing of flying cars that would move beyond the cities in order to reach this oasis
On the shore are located houseboat future amphibious geodes are moving on the sea and anchoring can be submerged as sea animals to give a view of the house under the sea or to travel over the waves or sit on the sand
The next row of houses are glazed domes with filters that protect the habitats of solar radiation on land where development has favored the design of spaces with controlled acoustic treatments biorhythms in sync with the body. These houses have a view from below through water gaps to create microclimates created between the buildings and the beach
The third row is building-Beach, where she has recreated a platform that simulates a sea shore but has monitored water quality, the degree of radiation, custom broncedo, water temperature and provides a number of facilities with exclusive and private spaces in front of the public beach
The fourth row are towers covered with a skin that protects the interior from solar radiation and wind picks up, these towers offer a view from inside amplified the sea and the Sunset. The walls are built with concrete that can become transparent internal controls by giving the impression that the building is a live animal that constantly mutates
At the top are placed platforms for landing flying cars
At the edge of the sea and earth embankments have been built to act as interconnected technological spaces equipped with technological facilities to move robotic vehicles, or for sports that are monitored by a brain that is in line with the personal assistant orbiting each (by phone or ipod)
Places are like giant plasma screens located on the floor that can change color, or open the options menu
These platform-pier have a cleaning and disinfection system for which comes from the beaches
The island has built another type COCOON system homes, this house responds to the newest architectural fashion to work with organic metaphors, in this case inspired by the seafood which is situated on the rocks