Conceptual Design - The Fashion´s Kami legend -
Akira fruit and creation of the Goddess of Light,
Amaterasu,left the cave where it stayed hidden for
many years with its mother while Japan was in a
deep darkness, Akira clutched its mothers
costume while leaving, but such beauty and
clarity outside dazzled it.
Akira decided to let go of its mothers dress
and deploy its little outfit like wings and fly
away to learn more about what he had just
dazzle it.
Akira flought worldwide learning about
the most amazing colors, shapes and
sensations, wrapped itself with the most
beautiful fabrics and had fun with all
the variations that it could create, that
is how Akira discovered what it called
After a hundred years of travel,
Akira decided to return home to tell
its mother everything it has found in
its path.
Amaterasu after seeing its son so
big and beautiful, different than
that little one that she had created
with his hands, invited Akira to stay
and share with the people around
all its splendor.
Akira became a fusion between
its cultural identity and everything
that it had acquired, wearing a
sumptuous kimono that covers its
kaleidoscopical skin where the
suns rays are reflected, illuminating
and coloring itself, as its
reflects the beauty of the world.
Akira’s Kami female side is
reflected in this area, that is so
delicate and brilliant as a woman.
Likewise, its male side is represented
by its strong structure that
supports the flying spirit of Akira.
What Amaterasu gave life to, was no
longer his little creation. That is why
she installed it on Omotesando
street, the heart of modern Tokyo,
where everyone could see it and
share all its experience.
And thats how Akira became the
Fashion Kami.... The god of fashion



Seiichi Suzuki Architect, SESUZUKI DESIGN