Submitted by Marco Casagrande

Compost City

Architecture News - Dec 12, 2011 - 07:43   9583 views

Sustainable Urban Design Journal: A weed will root into the smallest crack in the asphalt and eventually break the city. Urban acupuncture is the weed and the acupuncture point is the crack. The possibility of the impact is total, connecting human nature as part of nature. As the city reflects control and strength, the urban acupuncture has to be weak in order to break the machine. Casagrande’s theory
opens the door for uncontrolled creativity and freedom. Each citizen is enabled to join the creative process, feel free to use
city space for any purpose and decorate his environment according to his taste. The existing order of previously built industrial cities will be ruined by human nature and turned into a ‘compost.’ And ruin is not a product or a final goal; it is a continuous process.