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Open call for Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition

Turkey Architecture News - May 16, 2023 - 09:39   4636 views

Open call for Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition

The Circle invites creative and young architects to apply for the third edition of the Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition! 

The deadline for application in GEMSS'23 is 18 June.

The Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition (GEMSS), organized every two years, aims to increase the recognition of emerging architects under the age of 40 who will shape the future on national and international platforms and to create an up-to-date archive of practices that contribute to the architectural culture of Turkey.

GEMSS has an inclusive structure open to all individual, team and multidisciplinary practices that have produced and published works in architectural, intellectual, scientific, artistic and social dimensions. The program emphasizes the diversity of architecture by making visible the focus and alternatives of the productions of emerging practices who will shape the future of architecture.

In a world on the limits of growth, GEMSS supports the entrepreneurship of emerging practices which display sustainable, participatory and innovative design approaches, while being open to all subjects and practices.

The multidisciplinary selection committee of GEMSS'23 consists of professional architects, artists, academics, thinkers and industry representatives who have contributed to the architectural culture. Alexis Şanal, Ertuğ Uçar, Matthew Warner, Merve Bedir, Sinan Logie, Sinan Logie, Yılmaz Değer, Zehra Akdemir Veryeri are among the members of the Selection Committee moderated by Sait Ali Köknar.

GEMSS'23 programme started with the Open Call announced on 5 May. The architects who will take part in the selection to be determined by the Selection Committee, which will come together for evaluation in July, will be announced in August.

The third cycle of GEMSS'23 will be a hybrid of physical and online platforms and will be supported by a programme of side events, online publications and a selection book in addition to the exhibition.

GEMSS'23 Exhibition, which will open its doors to visitors at The Circle Space in Autumn 2023, is planned to move to Germany in the spring of 2024 and to Saudi Arabia in the autumn of 2024. With its global structure, GEMSS exhibitions will bring together the innovative works of young architects and teams under the age of 40 in the selection with a wide audience in different geographies.

Applications can be made via digital form at The Circle's website until 18 June 2023.

GEMSS’23 Selection Committee

Alexis Şanal - Architect, City Designer, Founding Partner / SANALarc with Open Urban Practice

Ertuğ Uçar - Architect, Author, Founding Partner / Teğet Architectural Office

Matthew Warner - BA Dip PVL MRICS, Chairman, Owner / Warner Wonder Group & VIP Real Estate Desk

Merve Bedir - Asst. Prof. Architect

Sinan Logie - Architect, Writer, Artist

Yılmaz Değer - Architect, Founding Partner / AURA, YILMAZ DEGER Architecture & Design 

Zehra Akdemir Veryeri - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Architect, Academician, Author, Founder / 7/70 Kültür Sanat

GEMSS’23 Selection Committee Moderator: Sait Ali Köknar - Architect, Academician / Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

GEMSS’23 Calendar

Open Call Announcement | 5 May 2023 Application 

Deadline | 18 June 2023 

Evaluation Process | July 2023 

Announcement of Results | August 2023 

Side Events | November - December 2023 

Award Ceremony | November 2023 

Printed Publication | Autumn 2023 

International Exhibition | Spring 2024

Planned Exhibition Route

Istanbul, Turkey | Fall 2023 

Germany | Spring 2024 

Saudi Arabia| Fall 2024

For more information, visit the website

For project specifications and application, visit this page

Who can apply?

- Local or multinational practices that contribute to the architectural culture of Turkey, producing works in Turkey and abroad.

- It is possible to participate in GEMSS'23 as an individual or as a team. For team applications, one person from the team is requested to be designated as the team contact person, limited to communication with The Circle.

- Individual participants and at least one of the team members must have a bachelor's degree in architecture from a local or a foreign university.

- Individual participants must be at most 40 years of age (must not turn 41 until December 31, 2023), while the average age of participants applying as a team should not exceed 40.

- Individual and team applicants must have produced at least one work in accordance with the prerequisite described in the next section.


Participants are expected to have produced a work in any of the following formats that have a high contribution to the architectural culture:

- Built Structure - Published on a national/international platform.

- Architectural Project - Winner of a national/international competition.

- Unrealized or unrealizable architectural project - Published or exhibited on a national or international platform.

- A work that contributes to architectural culture such as curation, exhibition design or artistic production - Published or exhibited on a national or international platform.

- A work that contributes to architectural literature such as thesis, article, book, publication, translation or an architectural research that contributes to other disciplines as well - Published or exhibited in a national or international program or publication.

- An activity such as a social responsibility project or an educational program - Conducted and published nationally or internationally.

About The Circle

The Circle is a research and production platform for architecture, art and culture, developing projects and hosting events to deepen and share architectural knowledge and practice. At The Circle we perceive the culture of architecture from a multifaceted perspective and are conscious of the fact that architecture is inseparable from other academic and artistic disciplines.

This is why, in addition to developing architectural research projects, we aim to be an open platform for projects, exhibitions and events that bring together culture, arts and architecture. As we aim to explore and practice the interdisciplinary interactions of architecture.

The Circle also hosts exhibitions, panels, seminars, academic lectures, various workshops and stage performances. Our multi-layered, open-ended and multidisciplinary platform is always open to new contributions and ideas.

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