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The approval of LE 140 B allocated for New urban communities’ budget during 2021-2022

Egypt Architecture News - Mar 23, 2021 - 12:21   1819 views

The approval of LE 140 B allocated for New urban communities’ budget during 2021-2022

The New Urban Communities Authority budget project for the fiscal year 2021/2022 has been approved by the Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority with an amount of LE 140 billion.

The Head of the authority, Minister of Housing Assem Al-Gazzar stated that during the next fiscal year 2021/2022, to finish expenditure from this budget will, complete and start the implementation of hundreds of thousands of housing units of all varieties in the new settlements.

He elaborated that the budget is dedicated to carrying out several projects, primarily entail the delivery of numerous facilities and projects to the new administrative capital, funding a number of development projects that are being realized in the numerous governorates, in addition to the partial finance of the works in the projects as part of the Presidential initiative "A Decent Life", to upgrade villages and dependencies nationwide.

Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority, Abdulmutallab Mamdouh declared that the implementation of about 81,348 housing units in the social housing project are to be completed.

He further explicated that the implementation of about 35,000 housing units is to be finalized in the same project, in parallel the implementation of 150,000 housing units in some cities, and in the two projects (Dar Misr - JANNA) will be commenced, the implementation of 11,600 housing units will be finished, and the completion of the implementation of 5,376 housing units. 720 housing units will be finalized, and 1,272 housing units will be finished.

A further elucidation made by The Vice President of the Authority for the Development and Development of Cities asserting that in the distinguished housing project, the implementation of 6872 housing units will be completed, and the completion of implementation of 4,200 housing units.

Top image: A view from Cairo, Egypt, January 28, 2018. Image © Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

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