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WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

United Kingdom Architecture News - May 08, 2021 - 14:11   4781 views

WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

World Architecture Community proudly announces that four Country Reporters/Editors have been named as the most active Country Reporters/Editors of April for successfully completing at least three articles in the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters Program.

In April, WAC's China Country Reporter Flora Jing Lin Ng, WAC's Togo Reporter Franklin Yemeli, WAC's India Country Editor Pappal Suneja, WAC's Australia Country Reporter Parisa Ziaesaeidi have been named as the most successful names of April.

WAC's Country Editors/Reporters Program was initiated as a voluntary-based Country Editors/Reporters Program in December 2017, the program aims to promote local architecture, knowledge, local stories and recent developments from different parts of the world to WAC's global audience. While the program focuses on the promotion of local knowledge, the program introduces new volunteer journalists and writers as the face of their country. 

The program enriches local context and projects, on the other hand, it helps to connect local architects to the world of architecture and expand our ability to share exclusive and local news with our global audience. 

The program includes architects, architecture students, academicians, writers, experienced journalists and new journalist candidates from different parts of the world. Currently, WAC has 26 Country Reporters and 7 Country Editors distributed to 21 countries.

If you want to be one of them and apply to the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters Program, you can read WAC's application details on this page and send your applications. 

WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

Flora Jing Lin Ng, China Country Reporter of WAC. Image courtesy of Flora Jing Lin Ng

Flora Jing Lin Ng, China

Flora was appointed as China Country Reporter of WAC on November 16, 2020, she has been one of the most active Country Reporters in the program. She is an architectural designer based between Shanghai, Singapore and London.

She has graduated recently from the University of Bath with a degree in Architecture and has worked in several award-winning architectural design practices in Asia and Europe.

Flora is currently living in China and reporting new architectural projects and latest developments from China. In April, Flora has successfully completed four stories in the program. 

WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

Franklin Yemeli, Togo Country Reporter of WAC. Image courtesy of Franklin Yemeli

Franklin Yemeli, Togo

Franklin Yemeli was appointed as WAC's Togo Country Reporter on January 25, 2021 to the program. Graduated from the African School of Architecture and Urban Planning (EAMAU), he is pursuing a Master's Degree in Architecture at EAMAU in Lomé, Togo. 

He is writing contents for blogs and magazines and he develops his own blog, called Devenir Architecte. Yemeli is a passionate award-winning architecture student and winner of several international architecture competitions.

As well as Togo, Franklin is reporting from Morocco, Uganda and Ghana. In April, he has successfully completed three stories in the program.

WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

Pappal Suneja, India Country Editor of WAC. Image courtesy of Pappal Suneja

Pappal Suneja, India

Pappal Suneja is one of the most active Country Editors of the program since he was appointed. Serving as India Country Editor of WAC, he is responsible for editing and managing editorial submissions of India Country Reporters. 

Besides his editorial position, Pappal contributes to other fields of digital journalism - his roles start from entrepreneurship to managerial, including coordinating important programs, organizing international competitions, launching new programs and conducting workshops to help raise the voice in both architecture and digital journalism. 

Currently residing in Germany, Pappal is actively reporting from India and Germany.

In April, Pappal has reached three stories in the program. Pappal has moderated several live talks as part of WAC's Live Interview Series, including acclaimed Indian architect Sanjay Puri, BIG's Jamie Maslyn Larson, SO-IL founders Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg.

WAC Announces Most Active Country Editors/Reporters Of April

Australia Country Reporter. Parisa Ziaesaeidi. Image courtesy of Parisa Ziaesaeidi

Parisa Ziaesaeidi, Australia

Parisa was appointed as WAC's Australia Country Reporter in April 28, 2020 and she has been one of the active Country Reporters of the program.

Parisa graduated with a Master's Degree in Architecture, she worked at the department of consulting engineers as a designer and researcher. She has been awarded an exceptional talent scholarship for master education by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

She is actively reporting about new projects from Australia. 

She believes that: "No matter where and when you learn architecture. The best way of learning architecture is its language which is about creating life regardless of the location and time. If you learn this language, you will be an outstanding architect."

In April, Parisa Ziaesaeidi has reached three stories in the program.