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MEXTRÓPOLI City and Architecture Festival 2021

Mexico Architecture News - Sep 06, 2021 - 21:25   1921 views

MEXTRÓPOLI City and Architecture Festival 2021

After six months of digital activities, the MEXTRÓPOLI City and Architecture Festival returns with face-to-face activities for this September. Exhibitions, installations in the public space and conference cycles are part of a program that seeks to offer citizens a space to reflect and build culture through architecture.

After almost a year in which public spaces in cities have not been fully inhabited, the Festival of Architecture and City has decided to take all sanitary measures to celebrate an extraordinary city again.

Events calendar:

September 4, 1pm CDT: Opening of (in)Sustainable City, an exhibition that brings together 20 graphic proposals by 20 young firms about the future of the city in the face of the climate crisis. Location: La Laguna.

September 11, 12pm CDT: Conference by Bernard Tschumi, moderated by Miquel Adrià and Erio Mayoraz, Swiss Ambassador to Mexico. Activity carried out with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Mexico. Online event.

September 14, 12:30pm CDT: Discussion table on competitions for installations in public space. Sauermartins, Vivian Rotie, Pablo Saíz del Río, Azócar Catrón, SUMA Estudio will participate, all moderated by Andrea Griborio. Online event.

September 22, 7pm CDT: Roundtable on the architect Juan O'Gorman and Mexican modernism, which will feature the voices of Miquel Adrià, Sofía Provencio, Ana Elena Mallet and Xavier Guzmán. Oline event.

September 23 1pm CDT: Opening of the exhibition Blanco in three acts, a piece by the architect Rozana Montiel. Location: Old College of San Ildefonso.

September 23, 5:30pm CDT: Opening of Meeting Column, winning pavilion of Arquine Contest No. 23 MEXTRÓPOLI 2021, with the presence of Azócar Catrón. Also, the installation L (u) xa Free will be displayed. Location: La Laguna.

September 24, 11am CDT: Lecture of the critic and curator Anatxu Zabalbescoa. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

September 24, 12:30pm CDT: Rountable with Luis Zambrano, Iñaki Alday and Anatxu Zabalbescoa, moderated by Alejandro Hernández Gálvez. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

September 24, 5pm CDT: Lecture by Teresa Moller. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

September 24, 6:30pm CDT: Lecture by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

September 25, 10am CDT: Opening of Máquinas Bioéticas, installation by Gabriel Visconti. Location: Alameda Art Laboratory.

September 25, 10am CDT: Opening of Máquinas Bioéticas, installation by Gabriel Visconti. Location: Alameda Art Laboratory.

September 25, 10am CDT: Presentation of Palapa Gastronómica, winner of the Arquine Contest No. 22 MEXTRÓPOLI 2020. Lemonot and Federico Fauli will be present. Also, the following pieces will be displayed: Fragmentos by Neba Sere; and an installation by Arrogo Solíz Agraz Arquitectos with Firenze; as well as an extension of Máquinas Bioéticas, by Gabriel Visconti and an installation of Lucio Muniain and CREST. Also, there will be pavilions by Al Borde with Taller del Desierto, the firms Disco Distancia, Claustro Entretejido and Banca. Location: Los Pinos Cultural Center.

September 26, 10am: Presentation of  El Cuarto Cualquiera, an APRDELESP installation designed in collaboration with Yona Friedman. Location: Plaza 23 de mayo.

September 26, 11am CDT: Lecture by Manuela Carmena, former mayor of Madrid. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

Septembre 26, 12:30pm CDT: Dialogue between Manuela Carmena and Claudia Sheinbaum, current mayor of Mexico City. Location: MEXTRÓPOLI Space.

September 30, 7pm: Opening of LIGA 34 | Refugio Justo, by the firm Tezontle. Online event.

Top image courtesy of MEXTRÓPOLI.