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Six-week certified online course on architectural design writing by Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta

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Six-week certified online course on architectural design writing by Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta

The intrinsic connection between writing and architecture has been spoken of yet seldom explored in detail. Indian author and award-winning architectural journalist is back with the sixth edition of her successful course WRITING/S IN ARCHITECTURE: Building Bridges Through Words. This six-week certified online course on architectural design writing discovers the art and craft of writing in architecture and design. The course elucidates the discipline, writing styles, and techniques through lectures, interactive sessions, exercises, and assignments. It aims to comprehend architectural design writing in India and globally and dwell on its multi-faceted impact, numerous operative mediums, typical genres, mandates, styles, and structures that govern it. 

The sixth edition will be held every Saturday (1730 IST to 2000 IST) from 10th July 2021 – 14th Aug 2021. The course is ideal for students and professionals from an architectural, design and media background who are inclined to integrate architecture design and writing. The course has mentored 250+ learners from India and the US, Australia, Africa, the UAE, Lahore, Palestine, Italy, Argentina, Spain, and Singapore in its past five editions.

Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta, the curator, mentor, and instructor of the course, has collaborated with multimedia publication houses, firms, organisations, and educational institutions in the past 16 years to communicate on the AEC industry. She has been recognised for her pioneering work in architecture design writing in India. Author of Architectural Voices of India, she represented the Indian delegation in the International Media Visits of Architectural Writers in Melbourne (2016) and Helsinki (2018). 

The course is presently hosted by Acedge, a respected e-learning platform in India for architectural design education. For testimonials from the earlier batches, visit this page.

For registrations, visit the website.

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