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Pandemic Talks | Knowledge for a cause

India Architecture News - Jun 23, 2021 - 12:47   1451 views

Pandemic Talks | Knowledge for a cause

As India has struggled to deal with the second wave of the pandemic impacting families, friends and communities, while we are grateful for surviving, we also recognise this collective struggle that we will face together for months and years to come. Behind the scenes, the world has come forward to support everyone in various ways. As practitioners in the built environment, we were wondering what more we can do beyond what is already being done to support the hard work of the various NGO’s and the front line workers, and extend help especially to those who do not have access. 

Keeping this in mind, architecture chat, mold design studio and us at epistle got together to bring professional knowledge and expertise onto one platform to not only further the cause of the built environment, but also enable it all for a Cause. This platform of knowledge will also enable learning, for those young and old professionals, especially those who are suffering with work and learning, in these times of extended lockdowns. 

Starting 15th June 2021, We bring together 15 professionals from 15 international cities globally, talking for 15 minutes, sharing 1 idea that they think will help shape the built environment world. 

From 15 international cities. 

15 design ideas that will help shape a better built environment. 

15 Professionals | Architects, Urban Designers, Planners, Sociologists, Psychologists, Artists, Specialists from Urban Health, Technology and Infrastructure.

An opportunity for everyone to learn, explore new design ideas and at the same time support the hard work of various NGO’s. 00%  proceeds will go to the Khalsa Aid Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. If you are an architect or designer, re-think how we can shape the built environment with these innovative ideas and join the conversation, while contributing for a cause or share this gift of knowledge with any young student or professional who loves architecture or design. 

Thank you for your support - You can contribute even with a minimal amount. Register and find more information here

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