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Georgia: Three Questions for David Kezerashvili About His Newest Project Vake Plaza

Georgia Architecture News - Jun 10, 2021 - 16:17   6960 views

Georgia: Three Questions for David Kezerashvili About His Newest Project Vake Plaza

Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia have been at a crossroads for decades. This stems from previous political unrest, and it is immediately apparent as you walk through its capital city's streets. We're discussing architecture, specifically the blending of old and new. The Soviet legacy, as well as the ambitious projects attempting to revitalize the landscape.

To better understand the architectural boom that Tbilisi has experienced in recent years, we invited Georgian investor David Kezerashvili for a discussion about current trends and, of course, to learn more about his latest project in the city, Vake Plaza.

What are your thoughts on Tbilisi's current architecture?

To better answer your question, I'll set aside my real estate investor status and approach it from the perspective of someone born in Tbilisi. Tbilisi has an exceptionally rich architectural history, with strong Armenian, Byzantine, and Hausmann influences. However, one cannot ignore the communist remnants that have sadly taken over the landscape. Suffocating neighborhoods with old apartment buildings will have the unintended consequence of transporting you back to the 1980s. We are seeing encouraging signs of progress.

Recent projects, such as the Tbilisi Public Service Hall, are breathing new life into the city's landscape and modernizing the architecture overall. I should also mention the Tbilisi Biennial as a platform that has created a cultural network that has resulted in continuous architectural improvements.

Georgia: Three Questions for David Kezerashvili About His Newest Project Vake Plaza

Tbilisi Public Service Hall by Studio Fuksas. Image courtesy of Pixabay/user:falco

In terms of architecture, what does Vake Plaza have to offer?

The Vake Plaza project was designed to address two pressing needs in Tbilisi. Because of improved legislation and foreign investment, the recent entrepreneurial boom necessitates the operation of a modern business center. Georgian and foreign businessmen are given access to a modern hub designed to help them turn their ideas into reality. A closer examination of the Western-European landscape reveals that the private sector plays an important role in development. We are attempting to assist investors in Tbilisi in doing the same by providing investors with modern technology that can maximize focus and efficiency.

Another pressing issue is architectural, and I am confident that our architect, Leval Mushkudiani, has created a stylish structure that also serves a functional purpose. The building's one-of-a-kind architecture, complete with animated logotypes that change all the time, provides a different perspective of the structure from different parts of the city.

The business center blends in with the landscape while unquestionably enhancing Tbilisi's architecture. While daring, the architectural design is undeniably attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Vake Plaza Interior. Image © David Kezerashvili, Vake Plaza

Can You Provide More Details Given the Project's Novelty?

Without a doubt. The Vake Plaza Business Center is conveniently located near the Liberty Bank. The complex is 22,000 square meters in size, with an additional 11,000 square meters dedicated to parking. All offices have modern HVAC systems, and the building itself has an uninterruptible power supply. We are extremely concerned with providing the highest level of security to our tenants, and we have outfitted each floor with four fire hydrants, a high-fidelity fire alarm system, emergency staircases, and fire-resistant furnishings.

I'd like to expand on the underground parking because it is intended to meet Tbilisi's growing parking demand. The traffic situation has deteriorated significantly, and parking spaces are in short supply. This is why we have the most parking space in the entire city. We want our partners to be able to focus their efforts on their ongoing projects rather than worrying about parking.

Georgia: Three Questions for David Kezerashvili About His Newest Project Vake Plaza

Image courtesy of Pixabay/user:falco

On request, conference rooms and a movie theater are also available. With the use of exquisite antique furniture, the Lobby has been designed to provide a museum-like atmosphere. We strongly believe in first impressions, which is why we have paid special attention to our Lobby.

All of our customers have access to a concierge service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can make reservations at any top-tier restaurant in the area and beyond. The building is right next to Vake Park, so anyone who needs to clear their mind can do so easily.

About the project:

Location: Vake Plaza 72a Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, T'bilisi, Georgia

Architect: Levan Mushkudiani

Interior Designer: Khatuna Mikaberidze 

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Top image © David Kezerashvili, Vake Plaza