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'Architectural Haiku' Writing Competition announces the Winning Entries for Series 1.0

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'Architectural Haiku' Writing Competition announces the Winning Entries for Series 1.0

'Architectural Haiku' Writing Competition Series 1.0 floated by Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organisation, India announces the Winning Entries.

Theme described for the Competition was:

You can Penn down an architectural experience of yours in 17 Syllables in all!

Less is More! Try it Out!

(Here Haiku means a Japanese poem written in English of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.)

The citation goes to Shreya Sinha, B.Arch Student, School of Planning & Architecture

The Genius Loci

Where mind awakens itself

And enigma takes over.

Image © Shreya Sinha

Special Mention_1 goes to Ar. Parichita Mohapatra, Asst.Professor, Gopalan School Of Architecture and Planning.

 We made car the king,

The helpless pedestrian,

In despair seeks space!!

Image © Ar. Parichita Mohapatra

Special Mention_2 goes to Yakin Ajay Kinger, B.Arch Final Year, Vidyavardhan's Institute of design environment and architecture, Nashik

'Buried in silence 

A scream that whispers aloud

As closed doors fall'

Image © Yakin Ajay Kinger

Special Mention_3 goes to Ar. Akshay Sahu

Caged for our safety

By framing mother nature

Let's enjoy the view

Image © Ar. Akshay Sahu

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Top Image © Shreya Sinha

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