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Call For Ideas: Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition

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Call For Ideas: Moonception 2019 Architecture Competition

Volume Zero has launched a new competition titled "Moonception 2019". Ever since the beginning of mankind, we have developed an unexplained affinity towards the various celestial bodies around us, our captivation being held by the moon at the center of all of it. This fascination dates back to Stone Age from mankind’s cave illustrations to our latest achievements in literature, astronomy, astrology, architecture and many other fields of studies.

The Moon is an extremely important companion of the Earth, as it makes our planet more livable by moderating its wobble on the axis, relatively stabilizing our climate and building a tidal pattern that has been a navigational guide for humans for thousands of years. Today, the moon is the only celestial entity beyond the Earth that has been visited by humans.

With new waves of technology reaching new heights, now is an appropriate time to envision the presence of humans in space on a permanent and sustainable basis. Space exploration, with human habitation at is centre, will now become one of the next great steps in innovation.

The world is gearing up to revisit lunar landscapes. Some of the leading space exploration organizations such as NASA, Virgin Atlantic, SpaceX, ISRO, CNSA, and Blue Origin are revealing their ambitious plans to take humans to the Moon and Mars, with an aim to establish settlements there. Likewise, humans reaching on the lunar surface will also increase space tourism in the near future, with that segment taking center stage

July 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo landing on the Moon and Neil Armstrong’shistoric first steps on its surface; this would also be a momentous occasion to start the movement of introducing Architecture On Moon.

"Unlike Apollo, this time we're going to the moon to stay, and from there we'll take the next giantleap in deep space exploration," Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

With space exploration entering its golden age, we will now need architects and designers to create interplanetary human habitation beyond Earth. Architecture on our home planet is bound to its different cultures, sciences, traditions, and technologies. These considerations will also weigh while designing habitation on the lunar surface so that we can go beyond mere engineering in the process of making human life sustainable there.

We now have a significant opportunity to define what architecture beyond the boundaries of Earth might be; an opportunity to design architecture for the other worlds. A place beyond our Mother Planet that may hold precious resources to support activity in outer space. It could be a home to scientific treasures that could help us understand our planet better.

Visionaries in the field, like Elon Musk and his SpaceX, already have formulated plans to send the first humans – Japanese billionaire, Yasaku Maezawa with a group of artists – in space, on a loop around the Moon and back to Earth in 2023. It signifies great opportunities for the future of Lunar Tourism for space enthusiasts.

The new phase in lunar exploration is fundamentally different than the previous ones. This novel wavein scientific research will focus on understanding lunar resources and to prepare the Moon’s surface forsustained human presence and experimenting as training grounds for conducting and launching upcoming human missions to Mars and other destinations. The establishment of a long-term human settlement on its surface will be an architectural ode to this inspiration. The settlement would also be a relevant part of the future of lunar explorations as well as a chance to pioneer a new wave of architecture in space.

The Challenge

We invite visionaries from all professions, Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Space Enthusiasts to envision and design this near yet unseen future.

The participants are to design a Lunar Experience Centre + Research Centre for the first humans – 10 tourists and 5 researchers – to enhance their stay on the Moon.

The Experience Centre will help the Space Enthusiasts visiting the lunar surface for the first time to understand it and draw inspiration from the surroundings. The Research Centre would assist the Researchers in comprehending the environment on the Moon and its suitability in sustenance of human life.

The participants have to design a self-sustaining living space for these initial inhabitants.

The spaces for the program include Living Areas l Sleeping Areas l Cooking Area l Research Areas l Interaction Spaces l Areas for Sanitation and Bath l Recreation Areas l Controlled Areas for Farming l AV Room l Exhibition Area l Stores for resources I Observatory I Medical center l Control and Surveillance Area l Rover Parking and Maintenance Area l

Any other spaces that the participant wishes to specify with respect to both categories of users.

The designed spaces exude comfort for the visitors and the researchers. It should provide for a variety of spaces that boast of ample natural light, innovative materials and their positive effect on human psychology.

Are you ready to design beyond the boundaries of Earth?


Prizes of total USD 4000, broken down as follows:
1st Prize: USD 2000 + Certificate + Trophies + Publication
2nd Prize: USD 1200 + Certificate+ Trophies + Publication
3rd Prize: USD 800 + Certificate+ Trophies + Publication
10 Honourable mentions: Certificates

Winners and Honourable Mentions will be published on Volume Zero website and several international architecture and design magazines. 

To show our appreciation, all the participants would receive participation certificate.


Early Bird Registration: 13th February 2019 to 18th April 2019 

Standard Registration: From 19th April 2019 to 20th May 2019 

Last Day for Queries: 5th May 2019

Closing Date for Submission: 30th May 2019

Announcement of Winners: 20th July 2019


Early Bird Registration:

Participants from India - INR 2000 (per team)

Participants from Other Countries - USD 75 (per team)

Standard Registration: Participants from India - INR 2800 (per team)

Participants from Other Countries - USD 95 (per team)


To be announced


Moonception 2019 Architecture Design is open to all. We invite architects, students, engineers, product designers, thinkers, companies, organizations and everyone interested in the mission of the competition to submit their ideas. No professional qualifications are necessary. 

To register, please visit: 

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