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"Modern architecture is in the split of critical judgement on housing" says Reinier De Graaf

Netherlands Architecture News - Nov 28, 2018 - 03:49   5710 views

Modern architecture is in the split of critical judgement on housing, according to Reinier de Graaf, Partner at OMA, the world-renowned international architecture practice.

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has started its first day with a stimulating lecture by OMA Partner Reinier de Graaf on housing and special theme entitled "Burning Questions of Our Time", adding that "What Is To Be Done?".

de Graaf has started his lecture by presenting his recent book titled "Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession", and given an in-depth look at what is actually happening in our current economic system regarding the real estate industry and architecture itself.

In his lecture, de Graaf showed a massive of empty properties that are being built in different countries of the world. "Modern architecture is in the split of critical judgement on housing because of rising prices," said de Graaf.

Showing two examples from Beirut, one of them includes Herzog de Meuron-designed Beirut Terraces, de Graaf said that "both properties are empty indeed". 

"We are on a critical transition in modern architecture that shows the current situations of housing in many cities", added de Graaf. 

de Graaf also shared some demographic realities of rising prices in some cities, Amsterdam, China and New York. "In Amsterdam, for example, housing prices 32% increased," said de Graaf. "In 2017, 16% of houses were brought to the market to be rented." 

"According to the recent statistics, 70% of foreigners started to invest in Amsterdam." de Graaf also explained that most of today's buildings started to become more thin, thinner and slimmer that creates like just an object, not architecture."

"This shows how today's architecture is more objectified, like creating a sculpture in the city," added de Graaf. "That's why they are being built as thinner, even they disappear in plans." 

There are three types of problems in general, according to de Graaf; buildings are designed to be an adaptable architecture, which doesn't have to belong to that context, buildings doesn't reflect the real intention of design decided by the architect or buildings are completely disappeared in the plans.

Reinier de Graaf in conversation with Chair Paul Finch, Programme Director, World Architecture Festival

Reinier de Graaf recently spoke to World Architecture Community about his recent book in an exclusive interview. "Social housing either gets demolished or gets listed and sold as luxury housing," said Reinier de Graaf.

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