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"We are trying to create buildings that are silent and also powerful" says Chad Oppenheim

Netherlands Architecture News - Nov 29, 2018 - 03:28   8778 views

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has kicked off in its second day with a persuasive presentation by Chad Oppenheim, Principal, Oppenheim Architecture + Design on "The Spirit of Place".

Oppenheim's lecture entitled "Spirit of Place" has been described as "a poetic rumination on how architecture connects with the earth. Chad Oppenheim briefly discussed how boundaries can be blurred between nature and architecture, heightening our awareness of the beauty that surrounds us.

Chad Oppenheim, courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture + Design

"We are trying to create buildings that are silent and also very powerful," said Chad Oppenheim. "It's all about creating a building that can be part of the landscape," he added.

"We love to design buildings or create an architecture that disappears in the landscape," continued Oppenheim. "Architecture can be silent, excited and can be also powerful at the same, they don't need to be iconic."

Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse in a deserted landscape of Aqaba in Jordan. Image courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

In its second day, WAF continues with a series of lectures, discussions and jury crits at RAI, Amsterdam till November 30, 2018. This year's theme is "Identity" and architects discuss the notion of Identity from different perspectives and approaches. 

Oppenheim shared many examples from his offices' recent projects showing how they are thinking about nature in design process and embrace the existing landscapes within architecture and their urban projects as well.

The architects showed some visuals from his Wadi Resort project in Jordan, Destination Spa & Resort, new Emiliano Hotel project in Rio de Janeiro and Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse in a deserted landscape of Aqaba in Jordan. 

Destination Spa & Resort. Image courtesy of  Oppenheim Architecture

"We are trying to be unique in tought," added Oppenheim. "If I need to talk about paradise, I can say that we are always trying to create the most pleasurable, joyful, and powerful environment that frames water, green or light, or nature."

"We always discuss in our office, if you can taste it, eat or sense the project, we can design it. Our intention is always based on tactility of the projects and places," he added.

"This is not valid for only low-rise projects, for example, we are trying to create these qualities in verticality and large-scaled projects as well. It's important to think about how to bring beauty into verticality that frames sound, green or water."

Image © WAC

Oppenheim Architecture, led by Chad Oppenheim, is an award winning architecture, planning, and interior design firm specializing in hospitality, commercial mixed-use, retail and residential buildings worldwide. 

The firm’s projects are crafted to establish the perfect balance between artistry and economics — timeless architecture that is as beautiful as it is functional. With projects spanning over 25 countries, the firm designs with sensitivity toward man and nature – harmonizing with the surroundings of each context.

Image © WAC

With over 70 firm distinctions, including over 45 AIA Awards, the firm’s work is built on both a physical and spiritual contextual sensitivity, supported by evocative and economic design solutions that all serve to enhance life. The firm has offices in Miami, New York and Basel. 

Chad Oppenheim in conversation with Chair Jeremy Melvin, Curator, World Architecture Festival. Image © WAC

Chad Oppenheim also talked about sustainability and he said that "sustainability doesn't need to be about technology, I think it's all about thinking sustainability in a primitive way."

"We always think about those things as a natural interface between humans and the surrounding environment."

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Top image:  Wadi Resort project in Jordan. Image © Luxigon

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