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Museum of Emotions / Edition #3 Competition

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Museum of Emotions / Edition #3 Competition

As part of a series of annual architecture competitions, the Museum of Emotions competition is tasking participants with using architecture as a tool to bring out different emotions. They are asked to design a museum that includes two separate exhibition halls that bring out contrasting emotions – one inducing negative emotions, and the other inducing positive emotions. 

Participants are free to choose the specific emotions they incite with their designs – fear, anger, anxiety, love, happiness, laughter, etc. The purpose of the Museum of Emotions is to use architecture as the primary tool to create emotional states, through consideration of the scales of the spaces, the journey through the space, colour, lighting, and material choice. 

As this is an ideas competition, participants are free to choose any site location, real or imaginary, as well as the size of their structure.

Museum of Emotions / Edition #3 is one of Buildners' silent competitions, in which participants must communicate their ideas without the use of any text. The design concept and thinking behind it must all be communicated solely through the use of visuals.


Total prize: 7,000€ + Publication in Magazine

1st prize: 3,000€, Publications + Certificate of Achievement

2nd prize: 1,500€, Publications + Certificate of Achievement

3rd prize: 1,000€, Publications + Certificate of Achievement

BUILDNER STUDENT AWARD (MORE DETAILS): 1,000€ + 50€ ARCHHIVE BOOKSGift Card + 50 Points Buildner Architecture University Rankings + Publications + Certificate of Achievement

BUILDNER SUSTAINABILITY AWARD (MORE DETAILS): 500€ Publications, Certificate of Achievement


CERTIFICATE: Buildner will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.


Ben van Berkel, UNStudio
Julien De Smedt, JDS Architects
Lydia Kallipoliti, ANAcycle thinktank.
James Krueger, HMC Architects
Nuno Pimenta
Angelo Renna
Yu-Ying Tsai, ZJJZ Atelier
Stephanie Deumer, Visual Artist 


Early Bird Registration: January 16 - March 17

Advance Registration: March 18 - May 19

Last Minute Registration: May 20 - July 21

Closing date for registration: July 21, 2023

Closing date for submission: August 31, 2023 (11:59 p.m. London Time)

*It is still possible to participate in this competition after the preliminary deadlines, however, a higher late registration fee will be charged.

Closing date for questions & answers: July 27, 2023

*In order to guarantee equal opportunities to all competition participants, no new questions will be answered after this deadline!

Announcement of the winners: October 9, 2023

Registration fees are between 90€ - 145€  / +4.5% VAT.

Download the full competition brief and read details on the competition's website.

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