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Timișoara Architecture Biennial (Beta) 2022 will explore "The City as a Common Good" in Romania

Romania Architecture News - Aug 19, 2022 - 10:23   1619 views

Timișoara Architecture Biennial (Beta) 2022 will explore

Timisoara Architecture Biennial (Beta) is a platform for dialogue and collaboration, whose ultimate goal is to improve the process through which we build our cities. 

Taking place between 23 September and 23 October 2022, Beta 2022 aims to generate a responsible dialogue on architectural education, training and professional practice. 

A city-wide Biennial, Timisoara Architecture Biennial (Beta), will take place both indoors and in the public spaces of Timisoara, Romania, bringing together a series of events, exhibitions, conferences, debates, art and architecture installations, guided tours and film screenings.

Organized by the Timiș Teritorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, a professional, non-profit, private law, apolitical, public interest, autonomous and independent organization, Beta’s main concern is to contribute to the way architecture is perceived as a cultural act. At the Euroregional level, Beta 2022 shares the same mission with the partner professional associations in neighboring countries (Serbia and Hungary), namely to increase the quality of the built environment and the level of empowerment of citizens. 

Aligned with the theme of this year’s edition of Beta, The City as a Common Good, curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu și Davide Tommaso Ferrando, curators of the “Unfolding Pavilion” at the 15th, 16th and 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Beta 2022 will be dedicated especially to the citizens. 

The main exhibition, “Another Breach in the Wall”, is designed as an outdoor exhibition made of multiple installations distributed along a 22 km long urban route, which will connect all the main neighborhoods of Timișoara. Following the idea that biennials are first and foremost meant to activate the cities that host them, the exhibition will establish unexpected relationships with the citizens, who will encounter it in their everyday environment. 

At the same time, the exhibited installations will be replicas of works produced all over the world in the last few years, which are capable of illustrating the theme of this year’s biennial. 

These interventions are not only performed by architects and planners, but also by designers, artists, activists and all those who - alone or in group - adopt a creative and critical approach to the city, transforming the way in which it is inhabited. 

Within this frame, the aim of Beta 2022 is to demonstrate how urban space can be produced by anyone who is provided with the right tools and agenda. 

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Top image courtesy of Timisoara Architecture Biennial. 

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