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International Ideas Competition: Dubai Sea House

United Arab Emirates Architecture News - Mar 23, 2022 - 14:20   2020 views

International Ideas Competition: Dubai Sea House

YAC - Young Architects Competitions launches DUBAI SEA HOUSE, a competition of ideas aiming to design a villa in Jumeirah Bay and offer peace among the hustle and bustle of one of the fastest economies of the world.

The cash prize of € 20,000 will be distributed to the winning proposals selected by an international jury panel composed of some of the most world-renowned architects, with the likes of, among others: Fran Silvestre (Fran Silvestre Arquitectos), Jorge P. Silva (Aires Mateus AA), Andrea D’Antrassi (MAD Architects), Peter Pichler (Peter Pichler Architecture).


Architecture and nature are intertwined. Despite being different, even opposed, they are deeply connected. The connection between nature and architecture gives rise to all kinds of places: anonymous, catastrophic, or sublime, capable of talking to people’s guts and souls. 

One of the most evocative embodiments of the connection between nature and architecture is the one between the house and the beach. Waking up looking at the horizon. Feeling the soft sand a few steps away from the front door, opening the windows and smelling the salty winds, or going to bed listening to the relaxing sound of waves. These are experiences all of us have somehow lived or dreamed of. 

There are many seas in the world, but the Persian Gulf is a very special one, with extremely peculiar attributes. 

The Gulf seaside is a place of excesses, records, and contradictions, here the world runs at such a speed that its dynamics can be difficult to grasp. However, even in this fast-paced corner of the earth, people still look for the authenticity of simple experiences, like the quiet coziness of a house on the beach. 

Under the shadow of the skyscrapers of Dubai, with its artificial islands, its unbridled luxury, and unstoppable expansion, a domesticity made of silence, contemplation, and nature is the ultimate frontier of well-being. 

Jumeirah Sea House is a competition to design a villa in Jumeirah Bay, its aim is to offer peace among the hustle and bustle of one of the fastest economies of the world. 

Under the shining sun of Dubai, looking at the unique, almost melting, skyline, designers are called to tell a story of peace, of fiery sunsets on the warm waters of the Gulf, on the sound of waves crashing on candid coral beaches. 


Fran Silvestre (Fran Silvestre Arquitectos)

Jorge P. Silva (Aires Mateus AA)

Andrea D’Antrassi (MAD Architects)

Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta)

Nicola Scaranaro (Foster + Partners)

Peter Pichler (Peter Pichler Architecture)

Jean-Yves Sireau (Deriv)

Livia Tani (Ateliers Jean Nouvel)


1st Prize 10.000 € 

2nd Prize 4.000 €

3rd Prize  2.000 €

4 Gold Mentions 1000 €  each

10 Honorable Mentions 

30 Finalists

Registration Calendar

“early birds” registrations: 21/03/2022 -  24/04/2022 (h 23.59 GMT)

“standard” registrations: 25/04/2022 - 22/05/2022 (h 23.59 GMT)

“late” registrations: 23/05/2022 -  19/06/2022 (h 23.59 GMT)

Materials submission deadline: 22/06/2022, h 12.00 GMT (noon)

More information can be found at YAC's website

Contact: [email protected].

Top image courtesy of YAC.

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