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Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

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Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

The official announcement of Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Schematic Design and Architecture Design Development is released, design teams from around the global are welcome to follow our latest update.

Project Positioning

Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital" or "Hospital") is a high-level specialized cardiovascular hospital co-established by National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Shenzhen Municipal Government under the approval of the National Health Commission. It is also one of the municipal government's "Three Key Health and Medical Projects". As the only specialized cardiovascular hospital in Shenzhen, it undertakes the responsibility of meeting the major demands of Shenzhen citizens for cardiovascular medical services. The Hospital will integrate medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, health care, rehabilitation and prevention. Based in Shenzhen, it serves the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and radiates Southeast Asia, and aims to become a modern, international, smart, iconic and advanced cardiovascular disease diagnose & treatment center and clinical medicine research center.

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

City Map

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Project location

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Adjacent Roads

Bidding Scope

The bidding will determine the winning scheme of the project. The winning bidder will be responsible for the overall planning, functional organization, all-major schematic design, preliminary architectural design and other related design cooperation for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III.

Project Overview

The total investment of the project is CNY 1.85165 billion. The project is situated at the north area of Nanshan Science and Technology Park, which sits on Langshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. With a gross floor area of 185,165 square meters, it is planned with 850 beds. And the construction mainly consists of seven basic facilities, spaces for physical examination, night duty dormitories, open floors, corridors, underground parking garage, public transportation interchange facilities, etc. 

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Design Content & Key Points

Design Content: 

The work scope includes the overall planning and functional organization, all-major schematic design, preliminary architectural design and other related design cooperation for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III.

Design Principles:

The architectures of this project must fully embody the "people-oriented" design principle. Within the limited plot area, resource sharing and rational use of space should be realized, so as to create a beautiful, comfortable, convenient, extremely humanized, modern, landscaped and ecological garden-style hospital, and to build a new type of green and smart hospital with distinctive characteristics and originality.

Key Points:

1. Logical Design that Responds to Site Conditions

Fully consider the height difference of the site, organize the relationship between entrances & exits and each building in a reasonable way, and realize separation of human flow and vehicle flow, as well as the reasonable integration of human flow, logistics and information flow.

2. Diversified Services and Comfortable Medical Care

The design needs to meet the high-level medical demands of people in the pioneer demonstration area, pay attention to the patients' medical comfort, consider independent patient circulations, meet patients' medical privacy considerations, and provide high-quality diversified services.

3. Style Continuation, New Architecture

The design shall pay attention to the holistic coordination, inclusiveness and continuation of the built landscape within the entire hospital. It shall not only reflect inheritance, but also show openness and characteristics of the era.

4. Green Building, Low Carbon and Energy Saving

The design should strive to build a model of a new type of hospital with fresh air, sufficient natural light and spacious space.

5. Reservation in Compliance with Regulations, Suitable for Both Peaceful and War Time

The design should pay attention to the control of in-hospital circulations and improve the overall anti-epidemic capability of the hospital. The overall planning shall pay special attention to avoiding pollution of hospital sewage, medical waste, radioactive materials and other medical waste to the hospital area and surrounding areas, and the transportation and disposal of medical waste should be planned reasonably.

6. Management and Humanistic Care

The design should create a good medical environment and shape a unique humanistic spirit and feelings.

7. Integrated Space and Healing Environment

The design should make full use of the current topography and landforms to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces together, create transitional spaces, enrich architectural forms, and improve the interior space environment, so as to let patients and visitors feel more comfortable.

8. Uncomplicated and Standard Pipeline Layout

The design should take into consideration various factors such as urban planning, surrounding buildings, roads inside and outside the site, pipelines, and water drainage, etc.

Bidding Rules

1. Prequalification Stage

1.1 The bidding applicant shall submit prequalification application documents that include the capacity of the company and its design team and the conceptual proposal;
1.2 The prequalification review committee will comprehensively review the documents submitted by the bidding applicant.

1.3 The tenderee shall establish a prequalification review committee according to law, to review the valid prequalification application documents submitted by the bidding applicant, and select 9 candidate units without a ranking and 2 ranked alternative candidates in the way of disclosed ballot;

1.4 The 9 candidate bidders should submit Bidding Confirmation Letter in time. If one of the 9 candidate bidders quits the bidding at the second stage, the alternative candidate shall be replaced in order;

1.5 If the bidder who submitted the Bidding Confirmation Letter withdraws due to non-force majeure, the tenderee shall have the right to refuse the bidder to participate in the bidding for the tenderee's other projects in the future.

2. Design Bidding Stage

2.1 Candidate bidders selected through prequalification review will enter the second stage - design bidding stage with no objections after publicity;

2.2 The 9 bidders should submit deliverables that meet the requirements of Design Brief. Each bidder should only submit one scheme for bid competition;

2.3 The tenderee shall set up a bid evaluation committee according to relevant laws. The bid evaluation committee adopts vote by open ballot to determine 3 candidates without a ranking to enter bid determination stage.

3. Bid determination Stage

(1) Way of bid determination: one vote

(2) A bid determination committee shall be established by the tenderee to determine the winning bidder from 3 candidates recommended by the bid evaluation committee.

Application Requirements

1. The applicant must be a legally registered enterprise or organization.

2. Application as a joint group is allowed in this tender. Individuals or teams of individuals are unaccepted. Requirements for joint groups are as below:

(1) The number of joint group members should be no more than 2.

(2) Members of a joint group should not re-apply for the bid independently in the name of their own or other joint group constituted with other design institutes.

(3) A Joint Group Agreement with legal effect is required to clarify the leading member, equity share, proposed working responsibilities, division of work and so on.

Design Fee

1. This bidding contract is a fixed unit price contract. The winning bid price is subject to the bid price. The total design fee is tentatively set at CNY19.54 million, which includes the basic design fee, BIM design fee and compensation fee for excellent schemes fail to win the bid. 

(1) The basic design fee is CNY17.64 million, with the unit price no more than CNY 95.3 per square meter.

(2) Compensation fee for failed bidders is CNY 1.9 million. 

The 6 units that entered the bid evaluation stage but did not enter the bid determination stage are each paid CNY 150,000.

The 2 units that entered the bid determination stage but did not win the bid shall are each paid CNY 500,000.

The standard of compensation fee for failed bidders is fixed, and the compensation fee will be adjusted during settlement according to actual situations. For bidding proposals that entered the bid evaluation stage, if the bid evaluation committee holds that a bidder's submissions violate Negative Articles specified in tender document or fail to reach the required detailing level or meet the bidding requirements, the tenderee will not pay any compensation to such bidder.

Tender Schedule

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Tender for Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital Phase III

Tender Announcement

1. The tender has been officially announced, and the specific bidding content and tendering schedule are subject to the official tender announcement.

2. Link to the Tender Announcement:

3. Intended participants shall start preparation for the bidding by registering at the Shenzhen Electronic Tendering Bidding Transaction Platform:

Each member/unit of the joint group shall register separately.

4. Please click here to download the manual for conducting online enterprise information registration:

Tenderee and Co-organizer

Tenderee: Engineering Design Management Center of Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality

User: Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Shenshui Water Resources Consulting Co., Ltd.

Enquiry  Email: [email protected] 

Hotline: Mr.Deng +86-0755-25160759, 13602678591 (Monday - Friday (UCT+8) 9:00-12:00,14:00-18:00)

All project information herein is subject to the tendering announcement published on Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Website.

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