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WA Awards 36th Cycle is now open for entries until November 30!

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WA Awards 36th Cycle is now open for entries until November 30!

WA Awards 10+5+X 36th Cycle is now open for entries and accepting projects from architects, interior designers and students from all over the world!

Submitted projects from all over the world are judged by a panel of star jury, including world-renowned architects, high-profiled academics, top design leaders, as well as WA Awards' previous winners and WA members.

WA Awards 10+5+X has a very standard deadline to accept entries from across the world. All architects, interior designers, architecture and interior design students can submit their entries until November 30, 2020 by registering to WAC from this page first. It's free!

Registrations are free to WAC and participants need to upload their works to their WAC pages first and they can send their entries whenever they want before deadline. 

Since 2006 and for over 30 Cycles, World Architecture Community organises the prestigious and acclaimed WA Awards 10+5+X. The aim of the WA Community Awards is to highlight and recognise remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public, yet have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse.

WA Awards 10+5+X is also open to Interior Designers/Offices and Interior Design Students!

World Architecture Community added a new section for the WA Awards for Interior Designers and/or Interior Design Offices, calling them to submit their entries to get globally recognized. 

Since launched, WA Awards' new Interior Design section received attention by interior designers from around the world and over 300 Interior Designers have registered to WAC so far. If you are Interior Designer, create an account from here

WA Awards 36th Cycle is now open for entries until November 30!

A selection from WA Awards Winners Posters. Image © WAC

Hurry up! Enter WA Awards 10+5+X 36th Cycle now!

WA Awards is accepting projects for architects, interior designers and students under 2 major sections: Architecture and Interior Design. Then projects must be sent under these 3 sub-categories Realised, Designed and Student. All participants should send their projects that meet these conditions: 

WA Designed Award: Projects that were not built, 

WA Realised Award: Projects that are actually built, (built maximum within the last 10 years),

WA Student Award: Projects designed by Students.

WA Awards is completely free-of-charge for WAC Professional Members and Students. Participants can upgrade their accounts from their WAC accounts or here (Subscribe As A WA Professional Member), which will give them free entry, as part of their membership benefits, with 1 project (Designed or Realised) in each Cycle. 

Besides this, students can follow these steps to validate their accounts and send their projects in easiest way. 

WA Awards 36th Cycle is now open for entries until November 30!

WA Awards 31st Cycle Winners Posters. Image © WAC

Evaluation Criteria

WA Awards' evaluation criteria is based on Novelty, Originality and Creativity in design that reflect and inspire a commitment to the art of architecture are the major criteria. World Architecture Community tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice; thus the architect’s explanations and member’s discussions on submissions will be critical for recognition as much as the design itself.

Timetable & Calendar

The timetable for our 3-4 cycles per year is identical between cycles. The first three months as of the announcement of the new cycle, you are welcome to upload and submit your projects for WA Awards consideration. 

Entry Fees

WA Awards Participation Fee for Associate Members (per Cycle and per Project):

WAC Professional Membership fee: $180 annual (Professional Membership grants you the right to participate to the WA Awards in either category, free-of-charge with one project per cycle for one full year).

Designed category: $100

Realised category: $200

Students: free

Selection process

The fourth month of the cycle will be for the WA Awards Jury to evaluate and vote (the first 10 of the 10+5+X). In the meantime, during the entire 4 months, World Architecture Community members may rate the projects that were submitted for WA Awards consideration and at the end of the cycle, once the 4 months are passed, the 5 most rated projects by World Architecture Community members would form the second 5 of the 10+5+X. Within the same time, the WA Jury may also chose some projects as the "X" part of the 10+5+X. In order to rate the projects, a WAC member must have at least 1 uploaded project in his/her page and the project should have been opened to the public by being approved by World Architecture Community.


WA Awards' jury is composed by a mixture of our Honorary Members and earlier WA Award Winners, will select the first 10 projects. The next 5 will be awarded based on the ratings of fellow community members of World Architecture Community. Finally, the "X" will be those projects, which did not make it to the final selection of 10 or 5, but which had that something "special", that made them worthy of selection and acknowledgement as "X" by the WA Jury.

All pricing details and benefits for WAC Professional Members can be seen on this page. You can peruse WA Awards' previous winners

To start your entry, visit our How To Participate page. 

If you have further questions about WA Awards 10+5+X, you can contact the WAC team at [email protected].

Top image in the poster: Tianjin Zarsion Exhibition Center by RUF Architects in China won the WA Award in the 35th Cycle. Image © Yijie Hu.