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BUILDING CATALOG: Most Reliable Platform of Digital Marketing in Turkish Construction Sector

Turkey Architecture News - Oct 05, 2020 - 11:15   4370 views

BUILDING CATALOG: Most Reliable Platform of Digital Marketing in Turkish Construction Sector

The construction sector has always been an important “mover and shaker” shaping the dynamics of economics in Turkey; and it is going to be. Covering a big scale of local funding, the Turkish Construction sector affects the employment and manufacturing process significantly because it is related to hundreds of different sub-sectors.

Having a huge experience and potential at a local and global scale, the Turkish construction sector is called the “locomotive sector” because it evokes more than 200 sub-sectors. Moreover, since this sector provides a huge amount of employment for more than 1.000.000 people it is called the “sponge sector”.

Regarding this “sponge sector”, the mostly-interacted sub-sectors can be listed as domestic contracting services and certification, overseas contracting services, technical consultancy services, real estate, finance, business, and construction machinery and building materials industry.

The building materials industry plays an important role in the Turkish construction sector; while manufacturers reaching lots of different professionals such as architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, etc. These manufacturer companies reach these professionals through different channels. Currently, the biggest portion of these channels stands out as “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing now plays a significant role in providing strong visibility in every sector locally and globally. The building materials industry has already started nourishing from every channel that digital marketing provides to connect the manufacturer with their target audiences. In Turkey, this connection is provided by different platforms; and BUILDING CATALOG is the most reliable and powerful one hosting a resourceful immense database that helps to provide strong promotions for manufacturing companies.

BUILDING CATALOG: Most Reliable Platform of Digital Marketing in Turkish Construction Sector

BUILDING CATALOG, which has been published in Turkey since 1973 and, which fills a very important gap in the building materials field, is the first and only catalog for materials in Turkey. Published in 1983 in Turkish and English in separate volumes, The catalog, reached a level of 4 volumes in 1997. 

Published since 2005 with its digital face, it has successfully reinforced its claim to always being with its users. BUILDING CATALOG provides access to key industry professionals on the construction market for more than 45 years with its multichannel promotional service, which allows building materials companies to achieve the best channel for product display, communication, and promotion. 

Architects, interior architects, civil engineers, contractors, site managers, and buyers select products and materials from BUILDING CATALOG, get bids and make purchases, get dealership proposals, inquire detailed information. BUILDING CATALOG contributes to sales of products and materials by bringing companies closer to these professionals.

Renovated with a brand new digital infrastructure as of 2018, the BUILDING CATALOG provides comprehensive product, design, brand, and project information in an easily searchable format and provides architects with the latest information on new products, case studies, sustainability, BIM, and other new technologies, daily updates, regular newsletters, and blog content. 

BUILDING CATALOG has the biggest and the most reliable database that connects thousands of sector professionals in Turkey. Until today, BUILDING CATALOG has obtained more than 20 million page views, while having more than 300.000 page views every month regularly. It hosts 80.000 single and 60.000 mobile users monthly. Regarding each newsletter, by BUILDING CATALOG every manufacturer company reaches 300.000 professionals within a vast database. For architects, BUILDING CATALOG is 98% reliable, and it gives 90% full product information.In sum, it is clear that digital marketing has gained an incredible amount of power in recent years, especially in the construction sector. Focusing on the Turkish market, most of the building materials manufacturer companies now use digital marketing to reach thousands of sector professionals by experiencing different kinds of tools that it can provide. 

BUILDING CATALOG is the most reliable source in Turkey that provides these tools to the Turkish building material industry with a well-set source and an extended database. 

To get to know more about BUILDING CATALOG, you can visit the website: www.yapikatalogu.com/en.

All images courtesy of BUILDING CATALOG.

Text by Faruk Baran Heybeli, MSc Architect, BUILDING CATALOG Business Development Manager