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Iran Lost Its famous Architect, Farhad Ahmadi

Iran Architecture News - Sep 01, 2020 - 15:49   6761 views

Iran Lost Its famous Architect, Farhad Ahmadi

Famous architect of Iranian contemporary architecture, Farhad Ahmadi, dies of cancer, today, 1 September 2020, confirms Ahmadi's wife on her Instagram account

Ahmadi, born in 1951 Abadan, Iran, was graduated from Tehran University in 1971 and during more than 50 years professional architectural activities, he presented many unique projects for contemporary architecture of Iran.

Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Seoul, South Korea, Tehran University of Science and Technology Central Library, Isfahan International Cultural Center and Dezful Cultural Center are some of perfect projects done by Ahmadi.

Due to Iran Contemporary Architecture project, being done by WAC reporter, Javad Eiraji, an exclusive interview was done with Ahmadi, which will be published  exclusively by WAC soon.

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