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There Are Only 5 Days Left To Enter WA Awards 10+5+X 35th Cycle

United Kingdom Architecture News - Aug 15, 2020 - 10:04   1937 views

There Are Only 5 Days Left To Enter WA Awards 10+5+X 35th Cycle

There are only 5 days left to submit your entries to WA Awards 10+5+X 35th Cycle! This can be your last chance to be crowned with the WA Award with your innovative project, hurry up and don't miss the deadline! 

Start your entry from here to submit your works. Registrations are already free for the WA Awards 10+5+X. Participation fees for the WA Awards per project/per cycle as follows:

WA Designed Award: US $100

WA Realised Award: US $200

WA Student Award: Free

Architects, architecture offices, interior designers, interior design offices, architecture and interior design students from all over the world can submit their projects to the prestigious and acclaimed WA Awards 35th Cycle. 

How does the selection process work in WA Awards10+5+X?

WA Awards 10+5+X follows a different judging process from the selection processes of other awards in the world. So WA Awards 10+5+X is an opportunity to have your project judged by academicians, architects, top design leaders from different geographies in your field. 

WA Awards' dedicated mission to be transparent and democratic in the selection process has already placed the WAC among the most powerful platforms for setting a new system of architectural recognition through "a more democratised process", as previously written in an academic research

There are two types of judging processes in the WA Awards 10+5+X selected by two different jury panels. These two judging processes are run simultaneously. So if your project is not selected with the first judging process, you still have a chance to be selected with the second judging process!


Voting process can only be made by the WA Awards Jury, composed by a mixture of our Honorary Members and earlier WA Awards Winners. Their votes determine the first 10 winning projects in Realised, Designed and Student sections. The weight of Votes of the WA Awards Jury is higher than Rating. 

WAC's Honorary Members are an exclusive group of invited architects, acclaimed critics, academics and theoreticians, editors of architectural magazines, curators and other experts from architectural centers and other organizations, authorities from various institutions and governmental bodies especially interested in architectural issues.


Rating process can only made by the fellow community members of World Architecture Community. To be able to Rate the shortlisted projects, each fellow member must have at least 1 uploaded project in his/her page and the project should have been opened to the public by being approved by World Architecture Community.

WAC fellow members are able to rate the shortlisted projects from 1 to 10 points. Their rates determine the next 5 winning projects in Realised, Designed and Student sections. 

What does "X" mean for the WA Awards?

This winning category is based on a special selection of the WA Awards Jury. The "X" will be those projects, which did not make it to the final selection of 10 or 5, but which had that something "special", that made them worthy of selection and acknowledgement as "X" by the WA Awards Jury.

5 days left to enter the WA Awards 35th Cycle

It takes only 15 minutes to submit your entries. First, start your registrations to World Architecture Community from here. After register, you can upload, edit your projects, and send them to the prestigious and acclaimed WA Awards 35th Cycle before it's too late! 

Entries closes on Thursday, August 20, 2020 (23:59 GMT). 

To read more details about WA Awards, visit our How To Participate page.

Top image: Orient Occident Atelier | OOA's Adventurous Global School in Cambodia, the winner of WA Awards in the 34th Cycle. Image courtesy of Orient Occident Atelier | OOA.