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Call for registrations to Architecture Of Abandoned Metal Waste competition

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Call for registrations to Architecture Of Abandoned Metal Waste competition

There are times when we stumble upon an abandoned object which inflicts a profound sense of nostalgia. The mere part of their abandonment, like a lonely of a drift, draws our attention. Merely because each object has a story to tell and gives us a glimpse of a life once lived.

There is perhaps a greater sense of emotional value attached to the objects of abandonment and there is a growing impulse to reclassify these forgotten objects as a place that is valuable to the individual.

It is perhaps the strangeness of these forgotten metal objects or their mere mundane identity that animates our imagination and triggers an instinct to preserve them. The competition is not about the beauty of the modern building that attracts but rather based on the power and magic created by inspiring Re-imagination.

The Object can be of any form except buildings and be located anywhere in this world. It can be placed right in the centre of the city, inspiring wonder and awe or can be tucked away in a forgotten corner of the earth hiding in plain sight or the participants can choose to place the object on the abandoned site it was found on to create incurable nostalgia.

Left in place, the structures of abandonment are strangely reassuring, haunting our memories and reminding us of a bygone era. They force us to confront not merely the loss of their original function but also evoke a wide range of ideas for their possible future use.

Some of us in this competition might want to restore these objects while others might attempt to redesign. It completely depends on the discretion of the participants to use these objects in whatever manner they want. We can combine them with other objects, dismantle them or rip them apart. The only constraint is to not lose the identity of the real object.


The competition focuses on identifying metal objects that have long been forgotten, are in a state of abandonment or ruins and re purpose these objects into to a functional typology of a residence. Repurposing these objects into a shelter speaks to infinite possibilities of adaptive reuse of metal artifacts like trains, life guard stations, planes, ships, sea forts, cranes, satellite dishes, nuclear reactors, bridges, cars etc. The idea is to re-purpose these metal objects into a functional space that would otherwise be destined to the nearest landfill. The participants are to design a residence by using these abandoned objects whose former function has now become obsolete.

Participants are to start thinking out of the box and remodel the typology of almost all of our everyday spaces. There shall be no restriction of combining different objects. Dismantle them, cut through them, break them, resize them but do not lose the real identity of the object and by this, carve out spaces which can come together as a unique House.


The Façade of the Building is subjected to be a piece of art, an abstract of all the unique objects coming together as one building. The architecture should bring in the richness of its context, creating a dialogue with the ethos of its surroundings.

Site selection

There shall be no limitation on site selection like area, geography, topography, etc. Selecting the site is on the sole discretion of the participants. The Building can be placed on any Spot in this earth. The designer is required to set up an ideal background for its building, creating a sense of wonder and awe.

Some of us in this competition might want to keep the original area where the object was initially located, while some of might want to set up the building on the tip of a mountain, whereas some would want to submerge it into the sea. It is permissible to place the thus designed home anywhere in the world as long as the designer can come up with a storyline/ explanation justifying the site selection.

Design program

Design of a house, is something that has kept evolving through the passage of time. Residence, as a typology, has under gone infinite changes functionally and programmatically, although the emotion remains unchanged. Houses, not only are beautifully designed residences but also are a reflection of the lifestyle of the user. It allows the dweller to unfold his/ her Life like a film sequence. You as a designer are required to design such a house which not only creates a unique dialogue corresponding to the competition brief but also a place where layers of nostalgia can be embedded.

The House is supposed to be equipped with all modern facilities. Sample requirements for the said house are as follows:

Formal Living Area 1: (min) 15 sq. m

Family Lounge 1: (min) 15 sq. m

Drawing Room 1: (min) 15 sq. m

Dining Room 1: (min) 15 sq. m

Kitchen 1: (min) 12 sq. m

Bedrooms 4: (min) 16 sq. m

Washrooms 5: (min) 9 sq. m

Alteration of Requirements can be done as per your concept of design. Luxury Amenities like Swimming pool, Gym, Gardens etc. are up to the discretion of designer.

Awards & Cash Prize

1st prize: 1250$ + Publication +Certificate (Wining Entries will Be Published On Tbt And All International Social Handles, Platforms & Magazines Partnered By TBT)

2nd prize: 500$ + Publication +Certificate (Wining Entries will Be Published On Tbt And All International Social Handles, Platforms & Magazines Partnered By TBT)

3rd prize: 500$ + Publication +Certificate (Wining Entries will Be Published On Tbt And All International Social Handles, Platforms & Magazines Partnered By TBT)

3 Winners + 10 Honourable Mentions

2000$ Cash Prize + Publication +Certificate 

Top 3 entries will win cash prizes worth 2000$ + Publication + certificate

All Wining & Top 30 Entries Will Be Published On Tbt And All International Social Handles, Platforms & Magazines Partnered By TBT.

Participation Eligibility

The competition is open to all (Students and Professionals); Architects, Designers, Visualizers and all prospective candidates, irrespective of their professions or qualifications, to join the competition and present their ideas. Participants are free to submit multiple entries but each entry needs to be registered with a separate email ID and separate entry code will be allotted to each entry.

Alongside individual entries, team entries are also allowed. You can Participate individually or as a team. A team can have a maximum of three participants. Interdisciplinary teams are also welcome to join. There is no age limit, however, entrants under 18 years of age must be lead or entered by someone over the age of 18.

Judging Criteria

Evaluation process is completely anonymous and blind; i.e. Jury members will not be displayed whose works they are voting for. However, this correlation data is stored in our database, which we use to normalize the scores, and to assign a ranking to entries. Jury members will be provided the opportunity to provide a feedback to participants in addition to provide their insights for betterment of the competition in general. Juries decision is to remain Final and Irrevocable in all conditions.

Entries will be Evaluated in the Following Criteria:

CHOICE OF OBJECTS: Objects Chosen to form up the House and Clarity of thoughts

SCENERY FOR THE ABSTRACT: The Nostalgia behind the Scenery and its Justification

MODULARITY & SPACE MANAGEMENT Efficient- Planning of spaces for everyday activities

INNOVATION: Display of Exceptional Creativity in the Design Form

THE-BIG-FACTOR: Originality & Nostalgic Stimulation of Spaces

REPRESENTATION OF THOUGHTS: Seamless representation of Design Thoughts on the sheet

Honorable Members of the Jury Panel

Bernardo Quinzanos, CCA | Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica Team

Gijs Rikken, MVRDV

Sanne van der Burgh, MVRDV

Manish Gulati, M:OFA STUDIO

Sanjay Puri, Sanjay Puri Architects

Patricia Llosa, Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos

Rodolfo Cortegana, Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos

Li Xiaodong, Li Xiaodong Atelier

Reza Najafian, ReNa Designs

Sourabh Gupta, Studio Archohm

Pedro Miguel Ferreira, Plano Humano Arquitectos

Hyo Man Kim, Iroje Khm Architects

Sharath Nayak, Biome Environmental Solutions

AIA Life Designers, AIA Life Designers

Luiz Ricardo Florence, 23_Sul Architects

Nguyen Hai Long, Tropical Space

Questions & Answers

In case you have ANY questions related to the brief and the competition, please note that we have a team sitting idle which is eagerly waiting to answer your questions.
Please direct all of them to [email protected]

Do mention your team code if you have enrolled to the competition or write Prospective Entrant at the top of your mail. Also, refer to the FAQ section on the website.

Registration fees & Timelines

All deadlines are 11:59 - 00:00 pm, IST, (India) for the year 2020.

Early bird registration: 15th June -15th July 2020 

For Indian Nationals INR 1200 (per team)

For Foreign Nationals USD 30$ (per team)

Standard registration: 16th July -15th Sept 2020

For Indian Nationals INR 1500 (per team)

For Foreign Nationals USD 45$ (per team)

Late registration:16th Sept -10th Oct 2020

For Indian Nationals INR 1800 (per team)

For Foreign Nationals USD 60$ (per team)

Submission deadline: 11th Oct – 15th Oct 2020 (Fulfilling an ‘early bird’, ‘standard’ or ‘late’ registration does not affect the submission deadline, which is uniquely set between 20th September - 15th November 2020).

Result Announcement: 15th November 2020: Our jury panel will evaluate all the submissions and winners will be announced on 1st December 2020. Winners will be awarded prize money and certificates.

Important note: Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with the appropriate payment through our secure gateway on our website. The participants will receive their Team code within 24hrs of completing their payment successfully. Team code will be sent primarily to the email address provided while making the transaction.

Group discount: Group discounts apply for a minimum of 5 teams from one particular architecture school/university as our initiative to promote more participation from students. Get in touch with us on the email mentioned below to avail the [email protected]

Download the competition brief here: Architecture of the Abandoned_Competition Brief.pdf

For more information, visit the competition's website

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